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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2015 - دوره:28 - شماره:4

  tick  A New Procedure Of Impact Wear Evaluation Of Mill Liner - صفحه:593-598

  tick  A Parametric Study On Exergy And Exergoeconomic Analysis Of A Diesel Engine Based Combined Heat And Power System - صفحه:608-617

  tick  Analysis Of Integral Nonlinearity In Radix-4 Pipelined Analog-To-Digital Converters - صفحه:546-552

  tick  Analysis Of Magneto-Hydrodynamics Jeffery-Hamel Flow With Nanoparticles By Hermite-Padé Approximation - صفحه:599-607

  tick  Batch Adsorption Of Organic Dyes By Organo-Bagasse: Carbon Content, Ph Influence, Kinetics And Isotherms - صفحه:507-515

  tick  Comparison Of Single-Stage And Two-Stage Tubular Sofc-Gt Hybrid Cycles: Energy And Exergy Viewpoints - صفحه:618-626

  tick  Conductive Polythiophene Nanoparticles Deposition On Transparent Pet Substrates: Effect Of Modification With Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Coating - صفحه:567-572

  tick  Design Of Direct Exponential Observers For Fault Detection Of Nonlinear Mems Tunable Capacitor - صفحه:634-641

  tick  Eagle Strategy Based Maximum Power Point Tracker For Fuel Cell System - صفحه:529-536

  tick  Ethanol-Based Tape Casting Process Of The Textured Bi0.5(Na0.80k0.20)0.5tio3-Bifeo3 Ceramics - صفحه:561-566

  tick  Fe/Tio2 Catalyst For Photodegradation Of Phenol In Water - صفحه:499-506

  tick  Intelligent Health Evaluation Method Of Slewing Bearing Adopting Multiple Types Of Signals From Monitoring System - صفحه:573-582

  tick  More About Thermosyphone Rankine Cycle Performance Enhancement - صفحه:642-647

  tick  Multi-Objective Optimization Of Hybrid Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite Automotive Drive Shaft - صفحه:583-592

  tick  Path Following And Velocity Optimizing For An Omnidirectional Mobile Robot - صفحه:537-545

  tick  Research On Properties Of Fluid Pressure Drop For Electric Vehicle Igpt Pin Fin Heat Sink - صفحه:627-633

  tick  Selection Of Intermodal Conductivity Averaging Scheme For Unsaturated Flow In Homogeneous Media - صفحه:490-498

  tick  Stability And Performance Attainment With Fixed Order Controller Using Frequency Response - صفحه:553-560

  tick  Starvation Free Scheduler For Buffered Crossbar Switches - صفحه:523-528

  tick  Vibration Of Train-Rail-Bridge Interaction Considering Rail Irregularity With Arbitrary Wavelength - صفحه:516-522

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