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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2015 - دوره:28 - شماره:10

  tick  A Non-Linear Static Equivalent Model For Multi-Layer Annular/Circular Graphene Sheet Based On Non-Local Elasticity Theory Considering Third Order Shear Deformation Theory In Thermal Environment - صفحه:1533-1542

  tick  Aeolian Vibrations Of Transmission Line Conductors With More Than One Damper - صفحه:1515-1524

  tick  Analysis And Experimentation Of Soft Switched Interleaved Boost Converter For Photovoltaic Applications - صفحه:1469-1475

  tick  Complementary Periodic Structures For Miniaturization Of Planar Antennas - صفحه:1463-1468

  tick  Deterministic Measurement Of Reliability And Performance Using Explicit Colored Petri Net In Business Process Execution Language And Eflow - صفحه:1439-1446

  tick  Effects Of Micro And Nano Sized Sic Powder On The Rheological Properties Of Al Based Feedstocks For Low Pressure Injection Molding - صفحه:1493-1499

  tick  Evaluating The Effects Of Ceramic Layer And Thermal Dam On Optimizing The Temperature Gradient Of A Gasoline Engine Piston - صفحه:1525-1532

  tick  Fusion Of Panchromatic And Multispectral Images Using Non Subsampled Contourlet Transform And Fft Based Spectral Histogram - صفحه:1455-1462

  tick  Heat Transfer Study Of Perforated Fin Under Forced Convection - صفحه:1500-1506

  tick  Numerical Comparison Of Turbulent Heat Transfer And Flow Characteristics Of Sio2/Water Nanofluid Within Helically Corrugated Tubes And Plain Tube - صفحه:1408-1414

  tick  Quasi Random Deployment Strategy For Reliable Communication Backbones In Wireless Sensor Networks - صفحه:1430-1438

  tick  Reliability Measures Measurement Under Rule-Based Fuzzy Logic Technique - صفحه:1486-1492

  tick  Reliability Optimization For Complicated Systems With A Choice Of Redundancy Strategies - صفحه:1476-1485

  tick  Room Temperature Synthesis Of N-Doped Urchin-Like Rutile Tio2 Nanostructure With Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity Under Sunlight - صفحه:1401-1407

  tick  Symmetrical, Low-Power, And High-Speed 1-Bit Full Adder Cells Using 32nm Carbon Nanotube Field-Effect Transistors Technology - صفحه:1447-1454

  tick  Verification Of An Evolutionary-Based Wavelet Neural Network Model For Nonlinear Function Approximation - صفحه:1423-1429

  tick  Vibration Suppression Of Fuel Sloshing Using Subband Adaptive Filtering - صفحه:1507-1514

  tick  Zinc Adsorption Properties Of Alginate-Sba-15 Nanocomposite - صفحه:1415-1422

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