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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:11

  tick  A Closed Loop Control Of Quadratic Boost Converter Using Pid-Controller - صفحه:1653-1662

  tick  A New Compromise Decision-Making Model Based On Topsis And Vikor For Solving Multi-Objective Large-Scale Programming Problems With A Block Angular Structure Under Uncertainty - صفحه:1673-1680

  tick  A Novel Continuous Knn Prediction Algorithm To Improve Manufacturing Policies In A Vmi Supply Chain - صفحه:1681-1690

  tick  An Investigate On Power, Torque And Exhaust Gas Emission Variation: Effect Of Hydroxy Gas Addition To Inlet Air Of A Si Engine - صفحه:1751-1756

  tick  An Investigation Of Temperature Effects On Solar Photovoltaic Cells And Modules - صفحه:1713-1722

  tick  Comparison Of Single-Site And Multi-Site Based Calibrations Of Swat In Taleghan Watershed, Iran - صفحه:1645-1652

  tick  Controlling The Power Output And Combustion Phasing In An Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine - صفحه:1757-1766

  tick  Development Of Clay Foam Ceramic As A Support For Fungi Immobilization For Biodiesel Production - صفحه:1691-1696

  tick  Effect Of Redmud Particulates On Mechanical Properties Of Bfrp Composites - صفحه:1741-1750

  tick  Elimination Back Gouging Operation In Submerged Arc Welding Butt Without Chamfers Astm A516 - صفحه:1705-1712

  tick  Experimental Detection Of Composite Delamination Damage Based On Ultrasonic Infrared Thermography - صفحه:1723-1730

  tick  Fixture Design Automation And Optimization Techniques: Review And Future Trends - صفحه:1787-1794

  tick  Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method For Elasto-Static Analysis Of Thick-Walled Isotropic Laminated Cylinders - صفحه:1731-1740

  tick  Novel Amine Modified Nanoporous Sba-15 Sorbent For The Removal Of H2s From Gas Streams In The Presence Of Ch4 - صفحه:1697-1704

  tick  Physical Model Test And Numerical Simulation Study Of Deformation Mechanism Of Wall Rock On Open Pit To Underground Mining - صفحه:1795-1802

  tick  Physical Modeling Of A Hybrid Wind Turbine-Solar Panel System Using Simscape Language - صفحه:1767-1776

  tick  Redundancy Allocation Problem Of A System With Three-State Components: A Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:1663-1672

  tick  Stabilization And Walking Control For A Simple Passive Walker Using Computed Torque Method - صفحه:1777-1786

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