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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:10

  tick  A Fuzzy Rule-Based Expert System For The Prognosis Of The Risk Of Development Of The Breast Cancer - صفحه:1557-1564

  tick  A Novel Hybrid Approach To Analyze Cost Of Quality: Balanced Scorecard And Fuzzy Logic - صفحه:1611-1618

  tick  A Procedure For Preparation Of Semi-Activated Carbon Fiber Without Any Treatment Under High Temperature - صفحه:1519-1526

  tick  Adsorption Of Phenolic Compounds Onto The Activated Carbon Synthesized From Pulp And Paper Mill Sludge: Equilibrium Isotherm, Kinetics, Thermodynamics And Mechanism Studies - صفحه:1485-1494

  tick  Assessment Of Goodness Of Fit Methods In Determining The Best Regional Probability Distribution Of Rainfall Data - صفحه:1537-1546

  tick  Comparative Investigation Of Half-Mode Siw Cavity And Microstrip Hybrid Antenna Using Different Patch Shapes - صفحه:1573-1580

  tick  Comparison Of Purity And Properties Of Hydroxyl Carbonate Apatite Extracted From Natural Thigh Bone By Different Physiochemical Methods - صفحه:1619-1626

  tick  Design And Implementation Of Digital Demodulator For Frequency Modulated Cw Radar - صفحه:1581-1590

  tick  Dynamic Response Of Submerged Vertical Cylinder With Lumped Mass Under Seismic Excitation - صفحه:1547-1556

  tick  Employing Internal Flexible Wall As Mass Absorber In Tanks Subjected To Harmonic Excitations - صفحه:1527-1536

  tick  Multi Attribute Analysisofa Novel Compact Uwb Antennawith Via-Fed Elements For Dual Band Notch Function - صفحه:1565-1572

  tick  Multi-Objective Economic-Statistical Design Of Cumulative Count Of Conforming Control Chart - صفحه:1590-1600

  tick  Prediction Of Deformation Of Circular Plates Subjected To Impulsive Loading Using Gmdh-Type Neural Network - صفحه:1635-1644

  tick  Review Heat Exchanger: Research Development Of Self-Rotating Inserts In Heat Exchanger Tubes - صفحه:1503-1510

  tick  Seeker Evolutionary Algorithm (Sea): A Novel Algorithm For Continuous Optimization - صفحه:1601-1610

  tick  Studying Performance Of Dubinin-Astakhov And Dubinin-Raduchkevic Equations To Evaluate Nanopore Volume And Pore Size Of Mcm-41 Particles - صفحه:1511-1518

  tick  Surface Activation Of Ni-Ti Alloy Using Electrochemical Process For Biomimetic Deposition Of Hydroxyapatite Coating - صفحه:1627-1634

  tick  Synthesis And Characteristics Of Mesoporous Sol-Gels For Lipase Immobilization - صفحه:1495-1502

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