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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:9

  tick  A Fast Immersed Boundary Fourier Pseudo-Spectral Method For Simulation Of The Incompressible Flows - صفحه:1457-1466

  tick  An Approach To Locate An In Pit Crusher In Open Pit Mines - صفحه:1475-1484

  tick  An Optimized Pid For Capsubots Using Modified Chaotic Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:1377-1384

  tick  Application Of Multi-Objective Optimization For Optimization Of Half-Toroidal Continuously Variable Transmission - صفحه:1449-1456

  tick  Hierarchical Alpha-Cut Fuzzy C-Means, Fuzzy Artmap And Cox Regression Model For Customer Churn Prediction - صفحه:1405-1414

  tick  Hydraulic Analysis Of Water Supply Networks Using A Modified Hardy Cross Method - صفحه:1331-1338

  tick  Image Denoising Using Anisotropic Diffusion Equations On Reflection And Illumination Components Of Image - صفحه:11339-1348

  tick  Improving Bandwidth-Power Efficiency Of Homogeneous Wireless Networks Using On-Meet Threshold Strategy - صفحه:1349-1358

  tick  Joint Pricing And Inventory Control For Seasonal And Substitutable Goods Mentioning The Symmetrical And Asymmetrical Substitution - صفحه:1385-1392

  tick  Magnetic Saturation Impacts On Fault Analysis Of Squirrel-Cage Six Phases Inductionmotors Using Winding Function Approach - صفحه:1359-1366

  tick  Multi-Objective Differential Evolution For The Flow Shop Scheduling Problem With A Modified Learning Effect - صفحه:1395-1404

  tick  Optimization Of Double Pipe Fin-Pin Heat Exchanger Using Entropy Generation Minimization - صفحه:1431-1438

  tick  Prediction Of Gas Hydrate Formation Using Hysys Software - صفحه:1325-1330

  tick  Speech Enhancement Using Laplacian Mixture Model Under Signal Presence Uncertainty - صفحه:1367-1376

  tick  Studying Of Heat Treatment Influence On Corrosion Behavior Of Aa6061-T6 By Taguchi Method - صفحه:1423-1430

  tick  Synthesis Of Ethylene Diamine-Modified Ordered Mesoporous Carbon As A New Nanoporous Adsorbent For Removal Of Cu(Ii) And Pb(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Media - صفحه:1415-1422

  tick  Tracking And Shape Control Of A Micro-Cantilever Using Electrostatic Actuation - صفحه:1439-1448

  tick  Young'S Modulus Of Single And Double Walled Carbon Nanocones Using Finite Element Method - صفحه:1467-1474

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