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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:5

  tick  A Capacitive Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna With Air Gap For Wideband Applications - صفحه:715-722

  tick  A New Approach For Low Voltage Cmos Based On Current-Controlled Conveyors - صفحه:723-730

  tick  A Robust Statcom Controller Using Particle Swarm Optimization - صفحه:731-738

  tick  Ac Electrophoresis; Deposition Of Ceramic Nanaoparticles On In-Plane Electrodes At Low Frequencies - صفحه:763-768

  tick  An Analytical Model For Flame Propagation Through Moist Lycopodium Particles With Non-Unity Lewis Number - صفحه:793-802

  tick  An Outrun Competition Of Corrosion Fatigue And Stress Corrosion Cracking On Crack Initiation In A Compressor Blade - صفحه:785-792

  tick  Application Of Three Types Of Dryers Namely Tunnel, Fluidized Bed, And Fluidized Bed With Microwave For Drying Of Celery, Corn, And Sour Cherry: Experiments And Modeling - صفحه:667-674

  tick  Dimensionality Reduction And Improving The Performance Of Automatic Modulation Classification Using Genetic Programming - صفحه:709-714

  tick  Drying Kinetics Of Muscat Grapes In A Solar Drier With Evacuated Tube Collector - صفحه:811-818

  tick  Entropy-Based Serviceability Assessment Of Water Distribution Networks, Subjected To Natural And Man-Made Hazards - صفحه:675-688

  tick  Estimating Reliability In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Based On Monte Carlo Simulation - صفحه:739-746

  tick  Mapping Crc Card Into Stochastic Petri Net For Analyzing And Evaluating Quality Parameter Of Security - صفحه:689-698

  tick  Region Completion In A Texture Using Multiresolution Transforms - صفحه:747-756

  tick  Simulation Of Store Separation Using Low-Cost Cfd With Dynamic Meshing - صفحه:775-784

  tick  Stability Assessment Metamorphic Approach (Sama) For Effective Scheduling Based On Fault Tolerance In Computational Grid - صفحه:699-708

  tick  Synthesis Of Tantalum Carbide/Boride Nanocomposite Powders By Mechanochemical Method - صفحه:769-774

  tick  Synthesis Of Zinc Oxide Nanostructured Thin Film By Sol-Gel Method And Evaluation Of Gas Sensing Properties - صفحه:757-762

  tick  The Investigation Of Modeling Material Behavior In Autofrettaged Tubes Made From Aluminium Alloys - صفحه:803-810

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