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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:4

  tick  A New Nonlinear Multi-Objective Redundancy Allocation Model With The Choice Of Redundancy Strategy Solved By Compromise Programming Approach - صفحه:545-552

  tick  A Robust Model For A Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System With Production Planning - صفحه:587-598

  tick  Analysis Of The Impact Of Managed Pressure Drilling Technology On Current Casing Program Design Methods - صفحه:659-666

  tick  Dual Phase Detector Based On Delay Locked Loop For High Speed Applications - صفحه:517-522

  tick  Effect Of Gas Mixture H_2-N_2 On Microstructure And Microhardness Of Steel 32cdv13 Nitrided By Plasma - صفحه:621-624

  tick  Effect Of Mechanical Milling On The Morphology And Structural Evaluation Of Al-Al_2o_3 Nanocomposite Powders - صفحه:625-632

  tick  Hydroelastic Vibration Of A Circular Diaphragm In The Fluid Chamber Of A Reciprocating Micro Pump - صفحه:643-650

  tick  Improvement Of The Solvent Extraction Of Rhenium From Molybdenite Roasting Dust Leaching Solution Using Counter-Current Extraction By A Mixer-Settler Extractor - صفحه:651-658

  tick  Modeling And Availability Analysis Of Internet Data Center With Various Maintenance Policies - صفحه:599-608

  tick  Modeling Of The Capacitated Single Allocation Hub Location Problem With A Hierarchical Approch - صفحه:573-586

  tick  Numerical Solution Of Optimal Control Of Time-Varying Singular Systems Via Operational Matrices - صفحه:523-532

  tick  Optimal Design Of The Cross-Docking In Distribution Networks: Heuristic Solution Approach - صفحه:533-544

  tick  Optimal Process Adjustment With Considering Variable Costs For Uni-Variate And Multi-Variate Production Process - صفحه:561-572

  tick  Reliability Analysis Of Three Elements In Series And Parallel Systems Under Timevarying Fuzzy Failure Rate - صفحه:553-560

  tick  Reliability And Performance Evaluation Of Fault-Aware Routing Methods For Network-On-Chip Architectures - صفحه:509-516

  tick  Static Pull-In Analysis Of Capacitive Fgm Nanocantilevers Subjected To Thermal Moment Using Eringen'S Nonlocal Elasticity - صفحه:633-642

  tick  Synthesis Of Al_2o_3-Zro_2 Nanocomposite By Mechanical Activated Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis And Ignited Via Laser - صفحه:615-620

  tick  Uv-Vis Absorption And Luminescence Spectrum Of Las: Tb^3+/Gd^3 As A Laser Material - صفحه:609-614

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