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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2013 - دوره:26 - شماره:10

  tick  Artificial Neural Network Involved In The Action Of Optimum Mixed Refrigerant (Domestic Refrigerator) - صفحه:1235-1242

  tick  Effect Of Short- And Long-Term Memory On Trend Significancy Of Mean Annual Flow By Mann-Kendall Test - صفحه:1155-1168

  tick  Effect Of The Height Increasing On Steel Buildings Retrofitted By Buckling Restrained Bracing Systems And Ttd Damper - صفحه:1145-1154

  tick  Laboratory Studies Of The Effect Of Recycled Glass Powder Additive On The Properties Of Polymer Modified Asphalt Binders - صفحه:1183-1190

  tick  Multi-Objective Optimization Of A Projectile Tip For Normal Penetration - صفحه:1225-1234

  tick  Non-Linear Behavior Of New (Fsfn) Moment Resisting Connections In Comparison To The Existing Kbb Connections In Steel Frames - صفحه:1119-1134

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of Magnetic Field Effects On Mixed Convection Flow In A Nanofluid-Filled Lid-Driven Cavity - صفحه:1213-1224

  tick  Optimization Of Low Pressure Vortex Tube Via Different Axial Angles Of Injection Nozzles - صفحه:1255-1266

  tick  Plasticity Effect On Residual Stresses Measurement Using Contour Method - صفحه:1203-1212

  tick  Proposed Relationship To Design The Waffle Floor Under Harmonic Vertical Loading - صفحه:1111-1118

  tick  Receding Horizon Based Control Of Disturbed Upright Balance With Consideration Of Foot Tilting - صفحه:1243-1254

  tick  Reliabilty-Based Torsional Design Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened With Cfrp Laminate - صفحه:1103-1110

  tick  Semi-Active Control Of Building Structures Using Variable Stiffness Device And Fuzzy Logic - صفحه:1169-1182

  tick  The Performance Of An Hexahedron C* Element In Finite Element Analysis - صفحه:1191-1202

  tick  Wavelet-Based Analysis For Pulse Period Of Earthquake Ground-Motions - صفحه:1135-1144

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