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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:1

  tick  A Database For Automatic Persian Speech Emotion Recognition: Collection, Processing And Evaluation - صفحه:79-90

  tick  A New Intelligent Controller For Parallel Dc/Dc Converters - صفحه:131-142

  tick  A New Method For Root Detection In Minirhizotron Images: Hypothesis Testing Based On Entropy-Based Geometric Level Set Decision - صفحه:91-100

  tick  Accurate Model Of Capacitance For Mems Sensors Using Corrugated Diaphragm With Residual Stress - صفحه:63-68

  tick  Complexity Reduction In Finite State Automata Explosion Of Networked System Diagnosis - صفحه:29-32

  tick  Design, Construction And Comparison Of A Sensorless Driver Circuit For Switched Reluctance Motor - صفحه:143-156

  tick  Detection Of Alzheimer’S Disease Using Multitracer Positron Emission Tomography Imaging - صفحه:51-56

  tick  Document Image Retrieval Based On Keyword Spotting Using Relevance Feedback - صفحه:7-14

  tick  Economic Aspect Of Fuel Cell Power As Distributed Generation - صفحه:57-62

  tick  Exact Modeling And Simulation Of Saturated Induction Motors With Broken Rotor Bars Fault Using Winding Function Approach - صفحه:69-78

  tick  High Gain Dc-Dc Converter Using Active Clamp Circuit - صفحه:123-130

  tick  Image Zooming Using Non-Linear Partial Differential Equation - صفحه:15-28

  tick  Improved Frog Leaping Algorithm Using Cellular Learning Automata - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Leach Routing Algorithm Optimization Through Imperialist Approach - صفحه:39-50

  tick  Lebrp A Lightweight And Energy Balancing Routing Protocol For Energy Constrained Wireless Ad Hoc Networks - صفحه:33-38

  tick  Modeling, Control And Simulation Of Cascade Control Servo System For One Axis Gimbal Mechanism - صفحه:157-170

  tick  On Feasibility Of Adaptive Level Hardware Evolution For Emergent Fault Tolerant Communication - صفحه:101-112

  tick  Using Interval Petri Nets And Timed Automata For Diagnosis Of Discrete Event Systems (Des) - صفحه:113-122

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