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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2013 - دوره:26 - شماره:9

  tick  A Nonlinear Model For A Capacitated Location-Allocation Problem With Bernoulli Demand Using Sub-Sources - صفحه:1007-1016

  tick  A Two Stage Heuristic Solution Approach For Resource Assignment During A Cell Formation Problem - صفحه:943-954

  tick  Bayes Interval Estimation On The Parameters Of The Weibull Distribution For Complete And Censored Tests - صفحه:985-996

  tick  Capacitated Multimodal Structure Of A Green Supply Chain Network Considering Multiple Objectives - صفحه:963-974

  tick  Comparing Three Proposed Meta-Heuristics To Solve A New P-Hub Location-Allocation Problem - صفحه:1043-1058

  tick  Designing Incomplete Hub Location-Routing Network In Urban Transportation Problem - صفحه:977-1006

  tick  Estimation And Prediction Of Residential Building Energy Consumption In Rural Areas Of Chongqing - صفحه:955-962

  tick  Modeling And Hybrid Pareto Optimization Of Cyclone Separators Using Group Method Of Data Handling (Gmdh) And Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso) - صفحه:1082-1102

  tick  Monitoring And Change Point Estimation Of Ar(1) Autocorrelated Polynomial Profiles - صفحه:933-942

  tick  Performance Analysis Of A Repairable Robot Safety System With Standby, Imperfect Coverage And Reboot Delay - صفحه:1077-1088

  tick  Real-Time Scheduling Of A Flexible Manufacturing System Using A Two-Phase Machine Learning Algorithm - صفحه:1059-1066

  tick  Reliability Measures Improvement And Sensitivity Analysis Of A Coal Handling Unit For Thermal Power Plant - صفحه:1059-1066

  tick  Short-Term Price-Based Unit Commitment Of Hydrothermal Gencos: A Pre-Emptive Goal Programming Approach - صفحه:1017-1030

  tick  Simulation And Experiment On Conveying Device Of Cutting System Of Small Sugarcane Harvester - صفحه:975-984

  tick  Solving A Redundancy Allocation Problem By A Hybrid Multi-Objective Imperialist Competitive Algorithm - صفحه:1031-1042

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