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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2013 - دوره:26 - شماره:11

  tick  A New Design Of Dual Band Phase Shifter Using Mems Technology - صفحه:1337-1346

  tick  Analysis Of Photovoltaic Module Resistance Characteristics - صفحه:1369-1379

  tick  Image Enhancement Via Reducing Impairment Effects On Image Components - صفحه:1267-1274

  tick  Modeling Of Capacitance And Sensitivity Of A Mems Pressure Sensor With Clamped Square Diaphragm - صفحه:1331-1336

  tick  New Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter - صفحه:1377-1384

  tick  New Technique For Global Solar Radiation Forecast Using Bees Algorithm - صفحه:1385-1392

  tick  Object Recognition Based On Local Steering Kernel And Svm - صفحه:1281-1288

  tick  Optimization Capabilities Of Lms And Smi Algorithm For Smart Antenna Systems - صفحه:1393-1400

  tick  Predictive Controlled Gsp Performance Improvement With An Integrated H2/H - صفحه:1289-1298

  tick  Real Time Implementation Of A License Plate Location Recognition System Based On Adaptive Morphology - صفحه:1347-1356

  tick  Suppression Of Chaotic Behavior In Duffing-Holmes System Using Back-Stepping Controller Optimized By Unified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:1299-1306

  tick  Systematic Approach To Design A Finite Time Convergent Differentiator In Second Order Sliding Mode Controller - صفحه:1357-1368

  tick  The Effect Of Corrugations On Mechanical Sensitivity Of Diaphragm For Mems Capacitive Microphone - صفحه:1323-1330

  tick  The Effects Of Excitation Signal On The Resolution Of The Liquid Crystal Capacitive Chemical And Biological Sensors - صفحه:1275-1280

  tick  Using Modified Ipso-Sqp Algorithm To Solve Nonlinear Time Optimal Bang-Bang Control Problem - صفحه:1307-1322

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