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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2013 - دوره:26 - شماره:7

  tick  Availability Of K-Out-Of-N: F Secondary Subsystem With General Repair Time Distribution - صفحه:743-752

  tick  Effects Of Compactor Types On Aggregate Orientation Of Asphalt Mixtures - صفحه:677-684

  tick  Element Free Galerkin Method For Static Analysis Of Thin Micro/Nanoscale Plates Based On The Nonlocal Plate Theory - صفحه:795-806

  tick  Investigation On The Effect Of Atmosphere On The Pores Of Sintered Astaloy Crm Steel - صفحه:721-728

  tick  Lattice Boltzmann Simulation Of Deformation And Breakup Of A Droplet Under Gravity Force Using Interparticle Potential Model - صفحه:781-794

  tick  Microstructure And Grain Refining Performance Of A New Al-Ti-C Master Alloy - صفحه:701-706

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer And Pressure Drop In A Corrugated Channel - صفحه:771-780

  tick  Numerical Observation Of Flow Re-Stabilizing Via Air Injection During The Rotating Stall Through A Single-Stage Axial Compressor By A 2-D Finite-Volume Approach - صفحه:761-770

  tick  Numerical Study Of Progressive Collapse In Framed Structures: A New Approach For Dynamic Column Removal - صفحه:685-692

  tick  Optimum Location Of Outrigger-Belt Truss In Tall Buildings Based On Maximization Of The Belt Truss Strain Energy - صفحه:693-700

  tick  Production Of Cu-Cr-Zr Alloy Using Electroslag Remelting Technique - صفحه:713-720

  tick  Stability And Numerical Analysis Of Malaria- Mtb- Hiv/Aids Co-Infection - صفحه:729-742

  tick  Thermal Convection In A (Kuvshiniski-Type) Viscoelastic Rotating Fluid In The Presence Of Magnetic Field Through Porous Medium - صفحه:753-760

  tick  Titanium Oxide (Tio2) Coatings On Niti Shape Memory Substrate Using Electrophoretic Deposition Process - صفحه:707-712

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