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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2021 - دوره:34 - شماره:5

  tick  A Novel Control Strategy Of An Islanded Microgrid Based On Virtual Flux Droop Control And Direct Flux Fuzzy Control - صفحه:1274-1283

  tick  A Novel Model Predictive Voltage Control Of Brushless Cascade Doubly-Fed Induction Generator In Stand-Alone Power Generation System - صفحه:1239-1249

  tick  A Numerical Study Of The Effect Of Tunneling On Surface Settlement And Existing Buildings - صفحه:1085-1093

  tick  An Improved Modeling Of Parkinson’S Tremor And Investigation Of Some Approachesto Remove This Symptom - صفحه:1269-1273

  tick  Analytical Evaluation Of Core Losses, Thermal Modelling And Insulation Lifespan Prediction For Induction Motor In Presence Of Harmonic And Voltage Unbalance - صفحه:1213-1224

  tick  Axial Compression Performance Of Square Tube Filled With Foam Aluminum - صفحه:1336-1344

  tick  Developing A Bi-Objective Mathematical Model To Design The Fish Closed-Loop Supply Chain - صفحه:1257-1268

  tick  Effect Of Critical Variables On Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed Coal Drying Efficiency And Kinetics - صفحه:1382-1370

  tick  Effect Of Hydrodynamic Pressure On Saturated Sand Supporting Liquid Storage Tank During The Earthquake - صفحه:1176-1183

  tick  Effect Of Super Absorbent Polymer On Workability, Strength And Durability Of Self Consolidating Concrete - صفحه:1118-1123

  tick  Experimental And Nonlinear Analysis Of Cracking In Concrete Arch Dams Due To Seismic Uplift Pressure Variations - صفحه:1156-1166

  tick  Experimental Investigations On Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Columns Under Monotonic Axial Loading - صفحه:1124-1131

  tick  Fast Color Straight Line Pattern Recognition In An Object Using High Speed Self Learning Devices - صفحه:1225-1232

  tick  Finite Element Simulation And Experimental Test Of Ovine Corneal Tissue Cutting Process In Cataract Surgery Operation - صفحه:1321-1328

  tick  Gain Boosted Folded Cascode Op-Amp With Capacitor Coupled Auxiliary Amplifiers - صفحه:1233-1238

  tick  Influence Of Immersion Corrosion On Mechanical Properties Of Aisi 430/Aisi 316l Dissimilar Welded Joints - صفحه:1352-1361

  tick  Influence Of Process Parameters On The Microstructural Characteristics And Mechanical Properties Of Recast Layer Thickness Coating On Die Steel Machined Surface After Electrical Discharge Machining - صفحه:1297-1304

  tick  Intrusion Detection In Cyber-Physical Layer Of Smart Grid Using Intelligent Loop Based Artificial Neural Network Technique - صفحه:1250-1256

  tick  Kudryavy Volcano Crater Thick Rocks Electrical Breakdown Study In 50 Hz Electromagnetic Field - صفحه:1371-1380

  tick  Large-Scale Experimental Study On Collapsible Soil Improvement Using Encased Stone Columns - صفحه:1145-1155

  tick  Location Allocation Of Earthquake Relief Centers In Yazd City Based On Whale Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:1184-1194

  tick  Mechanical Properties Of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Reinforced By Glass Fibers Under Accelerated Aging - صفحه:1074-1084

  tick  Multi-Objective Optimization Of Hmgf Process Parameters For Manufacturing Aa6063 Stepped Tubes Using Fem-Rsm - صفحه:1305-1312

  tick  Multi-Stage Performance Upgrade Of Steel Moment Frames By Post-Tension Connections - صفحه:1132-1144

  tick  New Model Of Burden Thickness Estimation For Blasting Of Open Pit Mines - صفحه:1381-1389

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of The Heat-Fluid Characteristic Inside High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing Lubricated With Grease - صفحه:1313-1320

  tick  Reducing Quantum Cost For Reversible Realization Of Densely-Packed-Decimal Converters - صفحه:1284-1289

  tick  Retrofitting Of Rc Beams Using Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Jackets Containing Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles - صفحه:1195-1212

  tick  Robust Three Stage Central Difference Kalman Filter For Helicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Actuators Fault Estimation - صفحه:1290-1296

  tick  Seismic Vulnerability Studies Of A G+17 Storey Building In Abu Dhabi - Uae Using Fragility Curves - صفحه:1167-1175

  tick  Single-Phase And Two-Phase Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics For Sloshing In The Low Filling Ratio Of The Prismatic Tank - صفحه:1345-1351

  tick  Strength Capacity Cracks Propagations Deflection And Tensile Enhancement Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Warped By Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Strips - صفحه:1094-1104

  tick  Study Of Friction Stir Spot Welding Of Aluminum/Copper Dissimilar Sheets Using Taguchi Approach - صفحه:1329-1335

  tick  The Effects Of Mathematical Modelling Of Magneto-Rheological Dampers On Its Control Performance: A Comparative Study Between The Modified Bouc-Wen And The Maxwell Nonlinear Slider Hysteretic Models - صفحه:1105-1117

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