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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:11

  tick  A Generalization For Model Reference Adaptive Control And Robust Model Reference Adaptive Control Adaptive Laws For A Class Of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems With Application To Control Of Wing Rock Phenomenon - صفحه:2372-2383

  tick  A Green Hazardous Waste Location-Routing Problem Considering The Risks Associated With Transportation And Population - صفحه:2272-2284

  tick  A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm For Integrated Production And Distribution Scheduling Problem With Outsourcing Allowed - صفحه:2285-2298

  tick  A New Variable Frequency Zero Voltage Switching Control Method For Boost Converter Operating In Boundary Conduction Mode - صفحه:2222-2232

  tick  A Novel Building Information Modeling-Based Method For Improving Cost And Energy Performance Of The Building Envelope - صفحه:2162-2173

  tick  A Wideband Fractal Planar Monopole Antenna With A Thin Slot On Radiating Stub For Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting Applications - صفحه:2181-2187

  tick  An Experimental Investigation Of Synergistic Pulsation Bubble Column With Inverse Fluidized Loop Reactor For Removing Chloroform From Wastewater - صفحه:2120-2126

  tick  An Ultra-Low-Power Static Random-Access Memory Cell Using Tunneling Field Effect Transistor - صفحه:2215-2221

  tick  Application Of Incomplete Analytic Hierarchy Process And Choquet Integral To Select The Best Supplier And Order Allocation In Petroleum Industry - صفحه:2299-2309

  tick  Autonomous Vehicle Convoy Formation Control With Size/Shape Switching For Automated Highways - صفحه:2174-2180

  tick  Behavior Of Eccentrically Inclined Loaded Ring Footings Resting On Granular Soil - صفحه:2146-2154

  tick  Case Study In Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness On Progressive Press Machine Using Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle - صفحه:2245-2251

  tick  Combustion Behavior Of Fuel Briquettes Made From Ulin Wood And Gelam Wood Residues - صفحه:2365-2371

  tick  Demonstration Of Synaptic Connections With Unipolar Junction Transistor Based Neuron Emulators - صفحه:2195-2200

  tick  Designing A Sustainable Reverse Logistics Network Considering The Conditional Value At Risk And Uncertainty Of Demand Under Different Quality And Market Scenarios - صفحه:2252-2271

  tick  Digital Root-Mean-Square Signal Meter - صفحه:2201-2208

  tick  Effect Of Water Absorption On The Tensile Characteristics Of Natural/ Synthetic Fabrics Reinforced Hybrid Composites - صفحه:2339-2346

  tick  Effects Of Lateral Constraints And Geometrical Characteristics On Deformation Capacity Of The Persian Historic Unreinforced Masonry Shear Walls Under Uncertainty Conditions

  tick  Evaluation And Ranking Of Sustainable Third-Party Logistics Providers Using The D-Analytic Hierarchy Process - صفحه:2233-2244

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of Permeability In Porous Media - صفحه:2408-2415

  tick  In-Situ Fine Basalt Soil Reinforced By Cement Combined With Additive Dz33 To Construct Rural Roads In Gia Lai Province, Vietnam - صفحه:2137-2145

  tick  Interaction Effect Of Depth Of Cut, Back Rake Angle And Rock Properties On Temperature Of Single Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Cutter - صفحه:2425-2435

  tick  Kinesiological Description Of Hippotherapy As A Treatment Modality - صفحه:2347-2355

  tick  Modeling And Analyzing Supporting Systems For Smart Manufacturing Systems With Stochastic, Technical And Economic Dependences - صفحه:2310-2318

  tick  Modified Particle Swarm Optimization-Artificial Neural Network And Gene Expression Programing For Predicting High Temperature Oxidation Behavior Of Ni–Cr–W-Mo Alloys - صفحه:2327-2338

  tick  Optimization Of Rubber Compound Design Process Using Artificial Neural Network And Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:2319-2326

  tick  Pavement Maintenance Management Using Multi-Objective Optimization: (Case Study: Wasit Governorate-Iraq) - صفحه:2155-2161

  tick  Prediction Of Tool Force In Two Point Incremental Forming By Slab Analysis - صفحه:2399-2407

  tick  Reference Satellite Strategic Methods To Improve Position Accuracy Of Rover With Resolved Integer Ambiguities Using Linear Combination In Dirnss System - صفحه:2188-2194

  tick  Regression Modeling And Process Analysis Of Plug And Spot Welds Used In Automotive Body Panel Assembly - صفحه:2384-2398

  tick  Reliability Evaluation Of A Disaster Airflow Emergency Control System Based On Bayesian Networks - صفحه:2416-2424

  tick  Simulation Of A Gef5 Gas Turbine Power Plant Using Fog Advanced Cycle And A Systematic Approach To Calculate Critical Relative Humidity - صفحه:2356-2364

  tick  The Comparison Of Neutron Beams Through ^7li(P,N) Reactions For The Design Of A Thermal Neutron Radiography Facility Using The Mcnpx Code - صفحه:2209-2214

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