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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2021 - دوره:34 - شماره:1

  tick  A Bi-Level Programming Approach For Pre-Positioning Emergency Warehouses - صفحه:128-139

  tick  Assessmentt He Cost E Ffectiveness O F Information Support F Or T He Business Processes O F A Virtual Machine B Uilding Enterprise In The Framework O F Industry 4.0 - صفحه:171-176

  tick  Blast Demand Estimation Of Rc-Moment-Resisting Frames Using A Proposed Multi-Modal Adaptive Pushover Analysis Procedure - صفحه:46-55

  tick  Comparative Performance Of Machine Learning Ensemble Algorithms For Forecasting Cryptocurrency Prices - صفحه:140-148

  tick  Development Of A New Supersonic Rotor-Vane Ejector Using Computational Fluid Dynamics - صفحه:234-242

  tick  Durability And Mechanical Properties Of Self-Compacting Concretes With Combined Use Of Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles And Glass Fiber - صفحه:26-38

  tick  Dynamic Response Analysis Of A High Glide Ratio Parachute System - صفحه:195-201

  tick  Effect Of Segregation On Opinion Formation In Scale-Free Social Networks: An Agent-Based Approach - صفحه:66-74

  tick  Effect Of Tail Capacitor On Phase Noise In Lc Cross-Connected Oscillators: An Analytical Investigation - صفحه:110-119

  tick  Elastic Buckling Response Of A Composite Panel Stiffened Around Cutouts - صفحه:243-252

  tick  Employing The Empirical Mode Decomposition To Denoise The Random Telegraph Noise - صفحه:90-96

  tick  Epileptic Electroencephalogram Classification Using Relative Wavelet Sub-Band Energy And Wavelet Entropy - صفحه:75-81

  tick  Fused Deposition Modeling Of An Aircraft Wing Using Industrial Robot With Non-Linear Tool Path Generation - صفحه:272-282

  tick  Gear Fault Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques- A Simulation-Driven Approach - صفحه:212-223

  tick  Influence Of Bi-Directional Fibreglass Grid Reinforcement On Drying Shrinkage And Mechanical Properties Of Lightweight Foamed Concrete - صفحه:10-18

  tick  Influence Of Chemical Admixtures On Geotechnical Properties Of Expansive Soil - صفحه:19-25

  tick  Korkinsk Brown Coal Open Pit As A Case Study Of Endogenous Fires - صفحه:292-304

  tick  Magnetohydrodynamic (Mhd) Flow In A Channel Including A Rotating Cylinder - صفحه:224-233

  tick  Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based On President Election: Applied To A Renewable Hybrid Power System Controller - صفحه:97-109

  tick  Numerical Study On Vibration Attenuation Of Cylinder Using Active Rotary Oscillating Controller - صفحه:202-211

  tick  Optimization Of Thermal Decomposition Conditions Of Bone To Achieve The Highest Percentage Of Crystalline Phase In Bone Char Using Gene Expression Programming And Artificial Neural Network - صفحه:184-194

  tick  Provision Of An Optimal Strategy To Forecast The Prices Set By The Electricity Market In The Competitive Iranian Energy Market In Fall - صفحه:149-161

  tick  Reactive Scheduling Addressing Unexpected Disturbance In Cellular Manufacturing Systems - صفحه:162-170

  tick  Reliability Analysis Of Notched Plates Under Anisotropic Damage Based On Uniaxial Loading Using Continuum Damage Mechanics Approach - صفحه:253-262

  tick  Services Composition In Multi-Cloud Environments Using The Skyline Service Algorithm - صفحه:56-65

  tick  Squirrel Search Optimization For Non-Convex Multi-Area Economic Dispatch - صفحه:120-127

  tick  Structural Behavior Of Hollow-Core One Way Slabs Of High Strength Self-Compacting Concrete - صفحه:39-45

  tick  Synthesis And Characterization Of Photocatalytic Activity Of Hematite/ Cobalt Oxide/ Graphite Nanocomposites - صفحه:177-183

  tick  The Influence Of Overburden Structure On Mine Ground Pressure Appearance In Working Face With Super-Large Mining Height: A Case Study In Shendong Mining Area - صفحه:283-291

  tick  The Predictability Of Tree-Based Machine Learning Algorithms In The Big Data Context - صفحه:82-89

  tick  Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes Incorporated Bioactive Glass Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterization, Bioactivity Evaluation And Drug Loading - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Towards A Uncertainty Analysis In Thermal Protection Using Phase-Change Micro/Nano Particles During Hyperthermia - صفحه:263-271

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