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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:10

  tick  A Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design Problem In Copper Industry - صفحه:2008-2015

  tick  A Fast Processing Discontinuous Control Strategy For Vienna Rectifier - صفحه:1959-1967

  tick  A Multi-Objective Sustainable Medicine Supply Chain Network Design Using A Novel Hybrid Multi-Objective Metaheuristic Algorithm - صفحه:1986-1995

  tick  A Multilayer Motion Direction Based Model For Tracking Vehicles At Intersections - صفحه:1939-1950

  tick  A Novel Excellence Model Of The Information And Communications Technology Industry: Case Study On Telecommunications Backbone Network Of Iran - صفحه:2016-2029

  tick  A Proposed Approach For Separation Between Short Circuit Fault, Magnetic Saturation Phenomenon And Supply Unbalance In Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor - صفحه:1968-1977

  tick  An Adaptively-Damped Compressible-Liquid Model For Non-Cavitating Hydraulic Surges - صفحه:2047-2056

  tick  Co-Tio2 Nanoparticles As The Reinforcement For Fe Soft Magnetic Composites With Enhanced Mechanical And Magnetic Properties Via Pulse Electrodeposition - صفحه:2030-2038

  tick  Control Of A Single Stage Boost Inverter Based On Dynamic Sliding Mode Control With Power Decoupling - صفحه:1978-1985

  tick  Effect Of Porous Medium Positioning On Heat Transfer Of Micro-Channel With Jet - صفحه:2057-2064

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Spur Gear Tooth Crack Location And Depth Detection Using Short-Time Averaging Method And Statistical Indicators - صفحه:2079-2086

  tick  Experimental Modeling And Evaluation Sediment Scouring In Riverbeds Around Downstream In Flip Buckets - صفحه:1904-1916

  tick  Heat Transfer Performance Analysis And Optimization Of Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler With Different Structural Characteristics - صفحه:2105-2112

  tick  Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Model Development For Roller-Compacted Concrete Compressive Strength Estimation - صفحه:1852-1863

  tick  Improving Thermal And Mechanical Property Of Lightweight Concrete Using N-Butyl Stearate/Expanded Clay Aggregate With Alccofine1203 - صفحه:1842-1851

  tick  In-Depth Investigation Of Project Planning And Control Software Package Application In The Construction Industry Of Iran - صفحه:1817-1825

  tick  Influence Of Fiber On Shear Behavior Of Concrete Exposed To Elevated Temperature - صفحه:1897-1903

  tick  Influence Of Geological And Technological Parameters On Effectiveness Of Hydrochloric Acid Treatment Of Carbonate Reservoirs - صفحه:2113-2119

  tick  Investigation Of Vibration Modes Of Double-Lap Adhesive Joints: Effect Of Slot - صفحه:1917-1923

  tick  Micro-Structural Deformation Field Analysis Of Aluminum Foam Using Finite Element Method And Digital Image Correlation - صفحه:2065-2078

  tick  New Steel Divergent Braced Frame Systems For Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Frames - صفحه:1886-1896

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of Hazardous Gas Dispersion Over Obstacles And Residential Areas - صفحه:2087-2094

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of Nonlinear Oscillations And Compression-Only Behavior Of A Coated Microbubble Near An Elastic Wall - صفحه:2095-2104

  tick  Prediction Of Mechanical Properties Of Frozen Soils Using Response Surface Method: An Optimization Approach - صفحه:1826-1841

  tick  Projectiles Optimization: A Novel Metaheuristic Algorithm For Global Optimization - صفحه:1924-1938

  tick  Seamless Transition In Grid-Connected Microgrid System Using Proportional Resonant Controller - صفحه:1951-1958

  tick  The Comparison Of Punching Shear Capacity In Solid And Void Two-Way Slabs On Soil Substrate In Relation To Spring Stiffness Changes - صفحه:1872-1885

  tick  The Effect Of Rapid Deformation Process To Improve Creep And Tensile Resistance Of Az91 Magnesium Alloy Plates - صفحه:2039-2046

  tick  Vertical And Lateral Displacement Response Of Foundation To Earthquake Loading - صفحه:1864-1871

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