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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:7

  tick  A Bi-Level Meta-Heuristic Approach For A Hazardous Waste Management Problem - صفحه:1304-1310

  tick  A Comparative Analysis Of Wavelet-Based Femg Signal Denoising With Threshold Functions And Facial Expression Classification Using Svm And Lssvm - صفحه:1249-1256

  tick  A Location-Routing Model For Assessment Of The Injured People And Relief Distribution Under Uncertainty - صفحه:1274-1284

  tick  A New Developed Model To Determine Waste Dump Site Selection In Open Pit Mines: An Approach To Minimize Haul Road Construction Cost - صفحه:1413-1422

  tick  A New Model Of Equivalent Modulus Derived From Repeated Load Cbr Test - صفحه:1321-1330

  tick  A Statistical Method For Sequential Images–Based Process Monitoring - صفحه:1285-1292

  tick  Aiosc: Analytical Integer Word-Length Optimization Based On System Characteristics For Recursive Fixed-Point Linear Time Invariant Systems - صفحه:1223-1230

  tick  An Ensemble Click Model For Web Document Ranking - صفحه:1208-1213

  tick  Bandwidth And Delay Optimization By Integration Of Software Trust Estimator With Multi-User Cloud Resource Competence - صفحه:1192-1200

  tick  Channel Estimation And Carrier Frequency Offset Compensation In Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing System Using Adaptive Filters In Wavelet Transform Domain - صفحه:1231-1239

  tick  Development Of Mathematical Model For Controlling Drilling Parameters With Screw Downhole Motor - صفحه:1423-1430

  tick  Eco-Friendly Hybrid Concrete Using Pozzolanic Binder And Glass Fibers - صفحه:1183-1191

  tick  Effect Of Non-Uniform Magnetic Field On Non-Newtonian Fluid Separation In Adiffuser - صفحه:1354-1363

  tick  Efficient Parallelization Of A Genetic Algorithm Solution On The Traveling Salesman Problem With Multi-Core And Many-Core Systems - صفحه:1257-1265

  tick  Experimental Study Of Management Systems For Emission Reduction In Ignition Engines - صفحه:1347-1353

  tick  Fast Unsupervised Automobile Insurance Fraud Detection Based On Spectral Ranking Of Anomalies - صفحه:1240-1248

  tick  Identifying Tools And Methods For Risk Identification And Assessment In Construction Supply Chain - صفحه:1311-1320

  tick  Investigations On Material Composition Of Iron-Containing Tails Of Enrichment Of Combined Mining And Processing In Kursk Magnetic Anomaly Of Russia - صفحه:1431-1439

  tick  Laboratory Study On Reinforced Expansive Soil With Granular Pile Anchors - صفحه:1167-1172

  tick  Learning Document Image Features With Squeezenet Convolutional Neural Network - صفحه:1201-1207

  tick  Life Prediction Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers Using Time Temperature Shift Factor - صفحه:1340-1346

  tick  Meshing Error Of Elliptic Cylinder Gear Based On Tooth Contact Analysis - صفحه:1364-1374

  tick  Metallurgical And Mechanical Properties Of Laser Cladded Alfecucrconi-Wc10 High Entropy Alloy Coating - صفحه:1397-1402

  tick  Numerical Analysis Of Grease Film Characteristics In Tapered Roller Bearing Subject To Shaft Deflection - صفحه:1403-1412

  tick  Numerical Simulation Of Hydrodynamic Properties Of Alex Type Gliders - صفحه:1387-1396

  tick  Optimal Singular Value Decomposition Based Pre-Coding For Secret Key Extraction From Correlated Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Sub-Channels - صفحه:1214-1222

  tick  Repeated Record Ordering For Constrained Size Clustering - صفحه:1266-1273

  tick  Single-Vehicle Run-Off-Road Crash Prediction Model Associated With Pavement Characteristics - صفحه:1375-1386

  tick  Structural Damage Assessment Via Model Updating Using Augmented Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:1173-1182

  tick  Study On Iraqi Bauxite Ceramic Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Synthesized By Stir Casting - صفحه:1331-1339

  tick  Time Series Forecasting Of Bitcoin Price Based On Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average And Machine Learning Approaches - صفحه:1293-1303

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