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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:5

  tick  A Hybrid Deep Learning Architecture Using 3d Cnns And Grus For Human Action Recognition - صفحه:959-965

  tick  A Robust Knapsack Based Constrained Portfolio Optimization - صفحه:841-851

  tick  A Sample Dependent Decision Fusion Algorithm For Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning - صفحه:1010-1019

  tick  Centralized Path Planning For Multi-Aircraft In The Presence Of Static And Moving Obstacles - صفحه:923-933

  tick  Comparative Analysis Of Two Seismic Response Analysis Programs In The Actual Soft Field - صفحه:784-790

  tick  Comparative Performance Study Of Tuned Liquid Column Ball Damper For Excessive Liquid Displacement On Response Reduction Of Structure - صفحه:753-759

  tick  Content-Based Image Retrieval Considering Colour Difference Histogram Of Image Texture And Edge Orientation - صفحه:949-958

  tick  Content-Based Image Retrieval Speedup Based On Optimized Combination Of Wavelet And Zernike Features Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:1000-1009

  tick  Development Of Linear Vernier Hybrid Permanent Magnet Machine For Wave Energy Converter - صفحه:805-813

  tick  Distributed Fuzzy Adaptive Sliding Mode Formation For Nonlinear Multi-Quadrotor Systems - صفحه:798-804

  tick  Dynamic Scene Change Detection In Video Coding - صفحه:966-974

  tick  Effect Of Carbonate Additives On Dynamic Filtration Index Of Drilling Mud - صفحه:934-939

  tick  Effects Of Brace-Viscous Damper System On The Dynamic Response Of Steel Frames - صفحه:720-731

  tick  Effects Of Multiple Structure-Soil-Structure Interactions Considering The Earthquake Waveform And Structures Elevation Effects - صفحه:744-752

  tick  Evolutionary Computing Assisted Wireless Sensor Network Mining For Qos-Centric And Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol - صفحه:791-797

  tick  Foreground Extraction Using Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion And Particle Swarm Optimization Independent Component Analysis - صفحه:1020-1026

  tick  Gait Recognition Based On Measurements Of Moving Human Legs Angles - صفحه:975-983

  tick  Improving Image Inpainting Based On Structure And Texture Information Using Quadtree - صفحه:940-948

  tick  Influence Of Temperature And Moisture On The Compressive Strength Of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers - صفحه:916-922

  tick  Introducing A New Method For Tracking And Transmitting Maximum Power Of A Wind Power Plant To The Grid During Wind Shortages - صفحه:1027-1037

  tick  Investigation On Formability Of Tailor-Welded Blanks In Incremental Forming - صفحه:906-915

  tick  Lattice Boltzmann Method Application On Headwater At Lata Kinjang Waterfall,Malaysia - صفحه:760-769

  tick  Md-Simulation Of Duty Cycle And Tan Interlayer Effects On The Surface Properties Of Ta Coatings Deposited By Pulsed-Dc Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition - صفحه:861-869

  tick  Modeling And Comparison Of Optimized Isotherm Models For H2, N2, Co, Ch4 And Co2 Adsorption Using Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:712-719

  tick  Multi-Objective Optimization Of Multi-Vehicle Relief Logistics Considering Satisfaction Levels Under Uncertainty - صفحه:814-824

  tick  New Approaches In Meta-Heuristics To Schedule Purposeful Inspections Of Workshops In Manufacturing Supply Chains - صفحه:833-840

  tick  Optimization Of Process Parameters Of Electron Beam Welded Fe49co2v Alloys - صفحه:870-876

  tick  Pain Facial Expression Recognition From Video Sequences Using Spatio-Temporal Local Binary Patterns And Tracking Fiducial Points - صفحه:1038-1047

  tick  Physical And Magnetic Properties Comparison Of Cobalt Ferrite Nanopowder Using Sol-Gel And Sonochemical Methods - صفحه:877-884

  tick  Predicting The Empirical Distribution Of Video Quality Scores Using Recurrent Neural Networks - صفحه:984-991

  tick  Removal Of Coliform, Suspended Solids, Uv254 And Colour Using Zeolite And Activated Carbon In Riverbank Filtration System - صفحه:732-736

  tick  Residual Stresses Measurement In Hollow Samples Using Contour Method - صفحه:885-893

  tick  Retrofitting Of Reinforced Concrete Beams With Steel Fiber Reinforced Composite Jackets - صفحه:770-783

  tick  Structural, Optical And Defect State Analyses Of Zno Nanoparticle Films - صفحه:852-860

  tick  Super-Resolution Of License-Plates Using Weighted Interpolation Of Neighboring Pixels From Video Frames - صفحه:992-999

  tick  The Effect Of Speed Humps On Highways Pavement Condition - صفحه:737-743

  tick  Thermodynamic Analysis And Statistical Investigation Of Effective Parameters For Gas Turbine Cycle Using The Response Surface Methodology - صفحه:894-905

  tick  Use Of Quality Function Deployment For Gold Mining Feasibility Study (Case Study: Designing Explosive Storage Area) - صفحه:825-832

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