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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:32 - شماره:11

  tick  A Characteristic-Based Solution Of Forced And Free Convection In Closed Domains With Emphasis On Various Fluids - صفحه:1689-1695

  tick  A Comprehensive Mathematical Model For A Location-Routing-Inventory Problemunder Uncertain Demand: A Numerical Illustration In Cash-In-Transit Sector - صفحه:1634-1642

  tick  A Comprehensive Study Of The Hydroforming Process Of Metallic Bellows: Investigation And Multi-Objective Optimization Of The Process Parameters - صفحه:1681-1688

  tick  An Analysis Method On Post-Earthquake Traversability Of Road Network Considering Building Collapse - صفحه:1584-1590

  tick  Comparison Of Seismic Behavior Of Buckling-Restrained Braces And Yielding Brace System In Irregular And Regular Steel Frames Under Mainshock And Mainshock-Aftershock - صفحه:1591-1609

  tick  Development A New Technique Based On Least Square Method To Synthesize The Pattern Of Equally Space Linear Arrays - صفحه:1620-1626

  tick  Energy And Exergy Evaluation Of Multi-Channel Photovoltaic/Thermal Hybrid System:Simulation And Experiment - صفحه:1665-1680

  tick  Experimental Investigation On Cyclic Behavior Of Butterfly-Shaped Links Steel Plate Shear Walls - صفحه:1559-1569

  tick  Joint Allocation Of Computational And Communication Resources To Improve Energy Efficiency In Cellular Networks - صفحه:1627-1633

  tick  Multi-Factorial Analysis On Vault Stability Of An Unsymmetrically Loaded Tunnel Using Response Surface Method - صفحه:1570-1576

  tick  Numerical And Experimental Investigation Of Motor Pressure Effect On Thermochemical Erosion Of Graphite Nozzle In Solid Fuel Engines - صفحه:1656-1664

  tick  Optimization Of Centrifugal Casting Parameters Of Alsi Alloy By Using The Response Surface Methodology - صفحه:1516-1526

  tick  Prediction Of Engineered Cementitious Composite Material Properties Using Artificial Neural Network - صفحه:1534-1542

  tick  Recycling And Reuse Of Organo-Sulfur Compounds From Barrels Of Natural Gas Contaminated With Mercaptan Odorant - صفحه:1527-1533

  tick  Seismic Mitigation Of Building Frames Using Magnetorheological Damper - صفحه:1543-1547

  tick  Stimuli-Responsive Biosynthesis Of Gold Nanoparticles: Optimization, Kinetics, And Thermodynamics Of Biosorption - صفحه:1506-1515

  tick  Strain And Damage Sensing Property Of Self-Compacting Concrete Reinforced With Carbon Fibers - صفحه:1577-1583

  tick  Structural Behavior Of Axially Loaded Composite Concrete-Steel Plate Shear Walls - صفحه:1548-1558

  tick  The Simultaneous Effect Of Holding Safety Stock And Purchasing Policies On The Economic Production Quantity Model Subject To Random Machine Breakdown - صفحه:1643-1655

  tick  Voltage Regulation Of Dc-Dc Series Resonant Converter Operating In Discontinuous Conduction Mode: The Hybrid Control Approach - صفحه:1610-1619

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