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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:32 - شماره:7

  tick  A Fault Diagnosis Method For Automaton Based On Morphological Component Analysis And Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition - صفحه:1010-1016

  tick  A Green Competitive Vehicle Routing Problem Under Uncertainty Solved By An Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm - صفحه:976-981

  tick  A Modified Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm Combined With Cnn For Content Based Image Retrieval - صفحه:924-930

  tick  An Efficient Target Tracking Algorithm Based On Particle Filter And Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:915-923

  tick  Cogging Torque Reduction Of Sandwiched Stator Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless Dc Motor Using Magnet Notching Technique - صفحه:940-946

  tick  Control Of Nozzle Flow Using Microjets At Supersonic Mach Regime - صفحه:991-998

  tick  Convolutional Gating Network For Object Tracking - صفحه:931-939

  tick  Corrosion Polarization Behavior Of Al-Sio2 Composites In 1m And Related Microstructural Analysis - صفحه:982-990

  tick  Design And Fabrication Of A Microwave Weed Killer Device For Weed Control Applications - صفحه:947-953

  tick  Determination Of Shock Standoff Distance For Wedge At Supersonic Flow - صفحه:1049-1056

  tick  Effect Of Hexagonal Boron Nitrate On Microstructure And Mechanical Behavior Of Al7075 Metal Matrix Composite Producing By Stir Casting Technique - صفحه:1017-1022

  tick  Estimation Of Punching Shear Capacity Of Concrete Slabs Using Data Mining Techniques - صفحه:908-914

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Air Temperature Distribution Inside A Car Under Solar Load Condition - صفحه:1031-1039

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Sinusoidal Tube In Triplex-Tube Heat Exchanger During Charging And Discharging Processes Using Phase Change Materials - صفحه:999-1009

  tick  Mathematical Model For Bi-Objective Maximal Hub Covering Problem With Periodic Variations Of Parameters - صفحه:964-975

  tick  Optimization Of Control System Of Petroleum Refinery Isomerization Unit By Plant-Wide Control Principles - صفحه:901-907

  tick  Scheduling Nurse Shifts Using Goal Programming Based On Nurse Preferences: A Case Study In An Emergency Department - صفحه:954-963

  tick  Simulation And Experimental Study Of Vibration And Noise Of Pure Electric Bustransmission Based On Finite Element And Boundary Element Methods - صفحه:1023-1030

  tick  Thermodynamic Investigation And Optimization Of A Power Generation System Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Using Taguchi Approach - صفحه:1040-1048

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