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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:32 - شماره:5

  tick  A Temperature Compensation Voltage Controlled Oscillator Using A Complementary To Absolute Temperature Voltage Reference - صفحه:710-719

  tick  An Experimental Study On Geogrid With Geotextile Effects Aimed To Improve Clayey Soil - صفحه:685-692

  tick  Biodegradation Of Polychlorinated Biphenyls By Lysinibacillus Macrolides And Bacillus Firmus Isolated From Contaminated Soil - صفحه:628-633

  tick  Change Point Estimation Of The Stationary State In Auto Regressive Moving Average Models, Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation And Singular Value Decomposition-Based Filtering - صفحه:726-736

  tick  Close Following Behavior: Estimation Of Desired Gap Headway Using Loop Detector Data - صفحه:661-666

  tick  Design Of An Intelligent Controller For Station Keeping, Attitude Control, And Path Tracking Of A Quadrotor Using Recursive Neural Networks - صفحه:747-758

  tick  Effect Of Fuzzy Boundaries On The Bearing Capacity Of Footings On Two-Layered Clay - صفحه:667-672

  tick  Energy Efficient Novel Design Of Static Random Access Memory Memory Cell In Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Approach - صفحه:720-725

  tick  Evaluating Seismic Effects On A Water Supply Network And Quantifying Post-Earthquake Recovery - صفحه:654-660

  tick  Experimental Comparison The Effect Of Mn2o3 And Co3o4 Nano Additives On The Performance And Emission Of Si Gasoline Fueled With Mixture Of Ethanol And Gasoline - صفحه:769-776

  tick  Experimental Study On Tga, Xrd And Sem Analysis Of Concrete With Ultra-Fine Slag - صفحه:679-684

  tick  Influence Of The Solid Phase'S Fractional Composition On The Filtration Characteristics Of The Drilling Mud - صفحه:794-798

  tick  Investigation Of Thermal Operational Regimes For Diamond Bit Drilling Operations (Technical Note) - صفحه:790-793

  tick  Mitigation Transformer Inrush Current Using Modified Transient Current Limiter - صفحه:701-709

  tick  Monitoring The Built-Up Area Transformation Using Urban Index And Normalized Difference Built-Up Index Analysis - صفحه:647-653

  tick  Optical Analyzer For Continuous Monitoring Of Dissolved Oxygen In Aviation Fuel And Other Non-Aqueous Media - صفحه:641-646

  tick  Performance Improvement Of A Slotted Solid Rotor Induction Motor With High Temperature Superconder Coating - صفحه:693-700

  tick  Performance Of A Two-Stages Gas Gun: Experimental, Analytical And Numerical Analysis - صفحه:759-768

  tick  Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Using Anaerobic Fluid Bed Reactor And Aerobic Mobile-Bed Biological Reactor - صفحه:634-640

  tick  Soft Computing-Based New Interval-Valued Pythagorean Triangular Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Group Assessment Method Without Aggregation: Application To A Transport Projects Appraisal - صفحه:737-746

  tick  Stimulation Behaviour Study On Clay Treated With Ground Granulated Blast Slag And Groundnutshell Ash - صفحه:673-678

  tick  Various Approaches To Thermodynamic Optimization Of A Hybrid Multi-Effect Evaporation With Thermal Vapour Compression And Reverse Osmosis Desalination System Integrated To A Gas Turbine Power Plant - صفحه:777-789

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