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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:32 - شماره:4

  tick  A Simple Approach To Predict The Shear Capacity And Failure Mode Of Fix-Ended Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams Based On Experimental Study - صفحه:474-483

  tick  Analysis Of Vibration Characteristics Of Pd Control Active Magnetic Bearing And Cracked Rotor System - صفحه:596-601

  tick  Coordinated Control Of Doubley Fed Induction Generator Virtual Inertia And Power System Oscillation Damping Using Fuzzy Logic - صفحه:536-547

  tick  Design Of Generalized Predictive Control For The Stabilizing Loop From A Two-Axis Gimbal Seeker, Considering Cross-Coupling In Between Two Channels - صفحه:555-561

  tick  Digital Binary Phase-Shift Keyed Signal Detector - صفحه:510-518

  tick  Dual-Band, Dynamically Tunable Plasmonic Metamaterial Absorbers Based On Graphene For Terahertz Frequencies - صفحه:503-509

  tick  Electrical And Mechanical Performance Of Hybrid And Non-Hybrid Composites - صفحه:580-586

  tick  Electrokinetic And Sediment Remediation In Microbial Fuel Cell - صفحه:489-494

  tick  Extracting Technical Specifications Of A Solar Panel Type To Design A 10 Mw Hybrid Power Plant - صفحه:562-568

  tick  Hyrep: A Hybrid Low-Power Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks - صفحه:519-527

  tick  Improvement Of Die Corner Filling Of Stepped Tubes Using Warm Hybrid Forming - صفحه:587-595

  tick  Map-Merging In Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localization And Mapping Process Using Two Heterogeneous Ground Robots - صفحه:608-616

  tick  Modeling Of A Single Turn Pulsating Heat Pipe Based On Flow Boiling And Condensation Phenomena - صفحه:569-579

  tick  Numerical Hydrodynamic Performance Of The Stepped Planing Craft And Its Step Height Effect - صفحه:602-607

  tick  Numerical Simulation Of Seepage Flow Through Dam Foundation Using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Method - صفحه:484-488

  tick  Plant-Based Calcium Fructoborate As Boron-Carrying Nanoparticles For Neutron Cancer Therapy - صفحه:460-466

  tick  Prediction Of Seismic Wave Intensity Generated By Bench Blasting Using Intelligence Committee Machines - صفحه:617-627

  tick  Secrecy Of Communications In Data Transmission By Impulses With Unknown Moments Of Appearance And Disappearance - صفحه:548-554

  tick  Seismic Behavior Of Asymmetric Two-Story X-Braced Frames - صفحه:495-502

  tick  Statistical Prediction Of Probable Seismic Hazard Zonation Of Iran Using Self-Organized Artificial Intelligence Model - صفحه:467-473

  tick  Voltage Differencing Buffered Amplifier Based Voltage Mode Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier And Its Applications - صفحه:528-535

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