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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:9

  tick  An Investigation Of The Seismic Interaction Of Surface Foundations And Underground Cavities Using Finite Element Method - صفحه:1721-1730

  tick  Ballistic Testing And Simulation Of Co-Continuous Ceramic Composite For Body Armour - صفحه:1792-1796

  tick  Collapse Problem Treatment Of Gypseous Soil By Nanomaterials - صفحه:1737-1742

  tick  Determination Of Riboflavin By Nanocomposite Modified Carbon Paste Electrode In Biological Fluids Using Fast Fourier Transform Square Wave Voltammetry - صفحه:1696-1702

  tick  Effect Of Heat Input On Microstructural And Mechanical Properties Of Aisi 304 Welded Joint Via Mig Welding - صفحه:1811-1816

  tick  Effect Of Mechanical Alloying And Sintering On Phase Transformation, Microstructural Evolution, Mechanical Properties And Density Of Zr-Cr Alloy - صفحه:1766-1772

  tick  Effects Of Drying Temperature And Aggregate Shape On The Concrete Compressive Strength: Experiments And Data Mining Techniques - صفحه:1780-1791

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Porosity, Installation Angle, Thickness And Second Layer Of Permeable Obstacles On Density Current - صفحه:1710-1720

  tick  Experimental Study On Warm Incremental Tube Forming Of Aa6063 Aluminum Tubes - صفحه:1773-1779

  tick  Experiments On Coupled Technique For Adjacent Similar Buildings - صفحه:1703-1709

  tick  Intrusion Of Geomesh In Gypseous Soil Under Single Footing - صفحه:1731-1736

  tick  Investigation On Mechanical And Electrical Properties Of Cu-Ti Nanocomposite Produced By Mechanical Alloying - صفحه:1759-1765

  tick  Modeling And Optimization Of Mechanical Properties Of Pa6/Nbr/Graphene Nanocomposite Using Central Composite Design - صفحه:1803-1810

  tick  Particle Swarm Optimization Based Parameter Identification Applied To A Target Tracker Robot With Flexible Joint - صفحه:1797-1802

  tick  Plant Classification In Images Of Natural Scenes Using Segmentations Fusion - صفحه:1743-1750

  tick  Quay Cranes And Yard Trucks Scheduling Problem At Container Terminals - صفحه:1751-1758

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