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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:5

  tick  A Document Weighted Approach For Gender And Age Prediction Based On Term Weight Measure - صفحه:643-651

  tick  A New Approach To Project Risk Responses Selection With Inter-Dependent Risks - صفحه:720-728

  tick  A New Extended Analytical Hierarchy Process Technique With Incomplete Interval-Valued Information For Risk Assessment In It Outsourcing - صفحه:739-748

  tick  A New Hybrid Framework For Filter Based Feature Selection Using Information Gain And Symmetric Uncertainty - صفحه:659-667

  tick  A Scheduling Model Of Flexible Manufacturing System To Reduce Waste And Earliness/Tardiness Penalties - صفحه:749-757

  tick  Aniline Degradation Using Advanced Oxidation Process By Uv/Peroxy Disulfate From Aqueous Solution - صفحه:684-690

  tick  Coordinating Order Acceptance And Batch Delivery For An Integrated Supply Chain Scheduling - صفحه:700-709

  tick  Developing A New Algorithm For A Utility-Based Network Design Problem With Elastic Demand - صفحه:758-767

  tick  Eco-Friendly Blocks By Blended Materials - صفحه:636-642

  tick  Effects Of Impeller Gap On Rotor Vibration In A High Speed Centrifugal Compressor: A Numerical And Experimental Analysis - صفحه:814-820

  tick  Estimation Of Roughness Parameters Of A Surface Using Different Image Enhancement Techniques - صفحه:652-658

  tick  Identification Of The Patient Requirements Using Lean Six Sigma And Data Mining - صفحه:691-699

  tick  Investigation Of Charged Particles Radiation Moving In A Homogeneous Dispersive Medium - صفحه:678-683

  tick  Modifications To Walker-Anderson Model For Analysis Of High-Velocity Penetration Of An Eroding Long-Rod Projectile Into Semi-Infinite Concrete Targets - صفحه:775-784

  tick  Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach: Selection Of Blanking Die Material - صفحه:800-806

  tick  Numerical And Experimental Investigations For Design Of A High Performance Micro-Hydro-Kinetic Turbine - صفحه:785-790

  tick  Numerical And Experimental Study Of Ballistic Response Of Kevlar Fabric And Kevlar/Epoxy Composite - صفحه:791-799

  tick  Optimal Design Of A Brushless Dc Motor, By Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:668-677

  tick  Optimization Of Time, Cost And Quality In Critical Chain Method Using Simulated Annealing - صفحه:627-635

  tick  Performance Analysis Of Dynamic And Static Facility Layouts In A Stochastic Environment - صفحه:710-719

  tick  Solving New Product Selection Problem By A New Hierarchical Group Decision-Making Approach With Hesitant Fuzzy Setting - صفحه:729-738

  tick  Study On The Friction Of Bored Cylindrical Rubber Protrusions Sliding On Ceramic - صفحه:768-774

  tick  The Effect Of Tio2 Nanoparticles On Mechanical Properties Of Poly Methyl Methacrylate Nanocomposites - صفحه:807-813

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