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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2018 - دوره:31 - شماره:9

  tick  A High Gain And Forward Body Biastwo-Stage Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier With Inductive Feedback In 180 Nm Cmos Process - صفحه:1553-1558

  tick  A Possibilistic Bi-Objective Mode L For A Competitive Supply Chain Network Design Under Variable Coverage - صفحه:1575-1584

  tick  A Prioritization Model For Hse Risk Assessment Using Combined Failure Mode And Effect Analysis And Fuzzy Inference System: A Case Study In Iranian Construction Industry - صفحه:1487-1497

  tick  Analysis And Development Of Technology Acceptance Model In Mobile Bank Field - صفحه:1521-1528

  tick  Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Hull Geometry Optimization Using A Multiobjective Algorithm Approach - صفحه:1593-1601

  tick  Comparison Of Two Computational Microstructure Models For Predicting Effective Transverse Elastic Properties Of Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced Composites - صفحه:1498-1504

  tick  Considering Production Planning In The Multi-Period Inventory Routing Problem With Transshipment Between Retailers - صفحه:1568-1574

  tick  Effects Of Far- And Near-Field Multiple Earthquakes On The Rc Single Degree Of Freedom Fragility Curves Using Different First Shock Scaling Methods - صفحه:1505-1513

  tick  Interpreting The Co2 Adsorption On Functionalized Organic Group Of Irmof-1: A B3lyp Density Functional Theory Based Study - صفحه:1473-1479

  tick  Investigating The Effects Of Cold Bulge Forming Speed On Thickness Variation And Mechanical Properties Of Aluminum Alloys: Experimental And Numerical - صفحه:1602-1608

  tick  Investigation Of The Size Effect On The Nano-Beam Type Piezoelectric Low Power Energy Harvesting - صفحه:1585-1592

  tick  Low Dropout Based Noise Minimization Of Active Mode Power Gated Circuit - صفحه:1546-1552

  tick  Modification Of The Properties Of Warm Mix Asphalt Using Recycled Plastic Bottles - صفحه:1514-1520

  tick  Optimal Control Of The Vehicle Path Following By Using Image Processing Approach - صفحه:1559-1567

  tick  Sensorless Model Predictive Force Control With A Novel Weight Coefficients For 3- Phase 4-Switch Inverter Fed Linear Induction Motor Drives - صفحه:1536-1545

  tick  The Effect Of Air Fuel Ratio And Temperature On Syngas Composition And Calorific Value Produced From Downdraft Gasifier Of Rubber Wood-Coal Mixture - صفحه:1480-1486

  tick  Voice-Based Age And Gender Recognition Based On Learning Generative Sparse Models - صفحه:1529-1535

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