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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2018 - دوره:31 - شماره:1

  tick  A Computational Study About The Effect Of Turbines Pitched Blade Attack Angle On The Power Consumption Of A Stirred Tank - صفحه:65-70

  tick  A Low Cost Numerical Simulation Of A Supersonic Wind-Tunnel Design - صفحه:128-135

  tick  Adsorption Of Malachite Green From Aqueous Solution By Nanozeolite Clinoptilolite: Equilibrium, Kinetic And Thermodynamic Studies - صفحه:1-11

  tick  An Experimental Study Of Nanofluids Operated Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger With Air Bubble Injection - صفحه:136-143

  tick  Application Of The Hot Spotting Method For The Straightening Of A Large Turbine Rotor - صفحه:110-119

  tick  Comparison Of The Hyperbolic Range Of Two-Fluid Models On Two-Phase Gas-Liquid Flows - صفحه:144-156

  tick  Design And Analysis Of Pressure Vessel Subjected To Pressure-Temperature Variation - صفحه:58-64

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Energy Consumption And Performance Of Reverse Osmosis Desalination Using Design Of Experiments Method - صفحه:79-87

  tick  Flexural And Impact Properties Of Stainless Steel Based Glass Fibre Reinforced Fibre Metal Laminate Under Hygrothermal Conditioning - صفحه:164-172

  tick  Flow Over An Exponentially Stretching Porous Sheet With Cross-Diffusion Effects And Convective Thermal Conditions - صفحه:120-127

  tick  Fracture Mechanism Of Cocrmo Porous Nanocomposite Prepared By Powder Metallurgy Route - صفحه:19-24

  tick  Improvement Of Cement Properties Using A Single Multi-Functional Polymer - صفحه:181-187

  tick  Influence Of Circular And Square Cut-Outs On Fiber Glass/Epoxy Composite Laminate Under Tensile Loading - صفحه:104-109

  tick  Multiple Destination Influence On Production Scheduling In Multi-Element Mines - صفحه:173-180

  tick  Parameters Optimization In Manufacturing Nanopowder Bioceramics Of Eggshell With Pulverisette 6 Machine Using Taguchi And Anova Method - صفحه:45-49

  tick  Predicting Force In Single Point Incremental Forming By Using Artificial Neural Network - صفحه:88-95

  tick  Predictions Of Tool Wear In Hard Turning Of Aisi4140 Steel Through Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic And Regression Models - صفحه:32-37

  tick  Proposed Procedure For Estimating The Coefficient Of Threefactor Interaction For 2^P 3^M 4^Q Factorial Experiments - صفحه:12-18

  tick  Quality Factor Of Free In-Plane Vibration Of A Fully Clamped Rectangular Micro-Plate - صفحه:96-103

  tick  Random Vortex Method For Geometries With Unsolvable Schwarz-Christoffel Formula - صفحه:38-44

  tick  Synthesis And Characterization Of Porcelain Body Developed From Rice Husk Ash - صفحه:25-31

  tick  Testing Of Environment Friendly Refrigerant R290 For Water Cooler Application - صفحه:157-163

  tick  The Effect Of The Variation Of Volume Flow Rate On The Thermal Parameters Of A Solar Air Collector With A Single Pass Of Air: Case Study For Laghouat, Algeria - صفحه:71-78

  tick  The Effects Of Newmark Method Parameters On Errors In Dynamic Extended Finite Element Method Using Response Surface Method - صفحه:50-57

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