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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2018 - دوره:31 - شماره:11

  tick  A Modified Noise Analysis Of A Common Source ̶ Common Gate Low Noise Transconductance Amplifier For Sub-Micron Technologies - صفحه:1903-1909

  tick  A Multi-District Asset Protection Problem With Time Windows For Disaster Management - صفحه:1929-1934

  tick  A New Analog-Based Lo Harmonic Rejection Technique With Tunable Notch Frequency - صفحه:1893-1902

  tick  A Novel Sustainable Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design By Considering Routing And Quality Of Products - صفحه:1918-1928

  tick  A Robust Optimization Methodology For Multi-Objective Location-Transportation Problem In Disaster Response Phase Under Uncertainty - صفحه:1953-1961

  tick  A Versioning Approach To Vm Live Migration - صفحه:1838-1845

  tick  Delay-Scheduled Controllers For Inter-Area Oscillations Considering Time Delays - صفحه:1852-1861

  tick  Design And Simulation Of Hot Cathode Ionization Vacuum Gauge With No X-Ray Limitations - صفحه:1883-1892

  tick  Dpml-Risk: An Efficient Algorithm For Image Registration - صفحه:1862-1869

  tick  Dynamic Response Of Multi-Cracked Beams Resting On Elastic Foundation - صفحه:1830-1837

  tick  Effect Of Carbon Nanotube And Surfactant On Processing, Mechanical, Electrical And Emi-Shielding Of Epoxy Composites - صفحه:1810-1815

  tick  Effect Of Polyethylene Glycol And Triton X-100 On The Enzymatic Treatment Of Bisphenol A - صفحه:1816-1823

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Toughness Enhancement In Cement Mortar - صفحه:1824-1829

  tick  Experimental Study Of A Flash-Lamp Pumped Passively Q-Switched Nd:Yag Laser Using Cr^4+:Yag Saturable Absorber - صفحه:1870-1875

  tick  Fault Detection Of Anti-Friction Bearing Using Ensemble Machine Learning Methods - صفحه:1972-1981

  tick  Heat Transfer Enhancement Of A Flat Plate Boundary Layer Distributed By A Square Cylinder: Particle Image Velocimetry And Temperature-Sensitive Paint Measurements And Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Analysis - صفحه:1962-1971

  tick  Impact Analysis Of Variation In Geometrical Features On Intrinsic Characteristics Of Capacitive Micro-Machined Ultrasonic Transducers - صفحه:1846-1851

  tick  Modified L1 Adaptive Control Design For Satellite Fmc Systems With Actuators Time Delay - صفحه:1982-1990

  tick  Multi-Commodity Multimodal Splittable Logistics Hub Location Problem With Stochastic Demands - صفحه:1935-1942

  tick  Optimal Rotor Fault Detection In Induction Motor Using Particleswarm Optimization Optimized Neural Network - صفحه:1876-1882

  tick  Optimization Of A Bi-Objective Scheduling For Two Groups Of Experienced And Inexperienced Distribution Staff Based On Capillary Marketing - صفحه:1943-1952

  tick  Rice Classification And Quality Detection Based On Sparse Coding Technique - صفحه:1910-1917

  tick  Separation Of Curcumin From Curcuma Longa L. And Its Conjugation With Silica Nanoparticles For Anti-Cancer Activities - صفحه:1803-1809

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