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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:10

  tick  A Bi-Objective Stochastic Optimization Model For Humanitarian Relief Chain By Using Evolutionary Algorithms - صفحه:1526-1537

  tick  A New Empirical Model To Increase The Accuracy Of Software Cost Estimation - صفحه:1487-1493

  tick  A Novel Intrusion Detection Systems Based On Genetic Algorithms-Suggested Features By The Means Of Different Permutations Of Labels’ Orders - صفحه:1494-1502

  tick  An Architecture For Security And Protection Of Big Data - صفحه:1479-1486

  tick  Designing A High Resistant, High-Torque Downhole Drilling Motor - صفحه:1615-1621

  tick  Effect Of Blade Design Parameters On Air Flow Through An Axial Fan - صفحه:1583-1591

  tick  Effect Of Different Welding Parameters On The Mechanical And Microstructural Properties Of Stainless Steel 304h Welded Joints - صفحه:1592-1598

  tick  Empirical Mode Decomposition Based Adaptive Filtering For Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Channel Estimation - صفحه:1517-1525

  tick  Improved Adaptive Median Filter Algorithm For Removing Impulse Noise From Grayscale Images - صفحه:1503-1509

  tick  Investigation Of Radiative Cooling Using A Photonic Composite Material For Water Harvesting - صفحه:1573-1582

  tick  Investigation Of The Heat Treatment Effect On Microstructures And Phases Of Inconel 713c Superalloy - صفحه:1538-1544

  tick  Mathematical Investigation Of Soil Temperature Variation For Geothermal Applications - صفحه:1609-1614

  tick  Population Balance Equation Modeling Of Crude Oil Demulsification Considering Demulsifier: Modification Of Collision Frequency Function Based On Thermodynamic Model - صفحه:1434-1442

  tick  Preparation And Characterization Of An Antifouling Polyethersulfone Nanofiltration Membrane Blended With Graphene Oxide/Ag Nanoparticles - صفحه:1425-1433

  tick  Reconstitution Of Sand Specimens Using A Rainer System - صفحه:1451-1463

  tick  Single Image Dehazing Algorithm Based On Dark Channel Prior And Inverse Image - صفحه:1471-1478

  tick  Soft Soil Seismic Design Spectra Including Soil-Structure Interaction - صفحه:1443-1450

  tick  Techno-Economic Optimization Of A Stand-Alone Photovoltaic-Battery Renewable Energy System For Low Load Factor Situation- A Comparison Between Optimization Algorithms - صفحه:1555-1564

  tick  The Effect Of Caspian Sea Water On Corrosion Resistance And Compressive Strength Of Reinforced Concrete Containing Different Sio2 Pozzolan - صفحه:1464-1470

  tick  The Influence Of Short Values Of Hydraulic And Sludge Retention Time On Performance Of A Membrane Bioreactor Treating Sunflower Oil Refinery Wastewater - صفحه:1417-1424

  tick  The Transient Dynamics Of A Beam Mounted On Spring Supports And Equipped With The Nonlinear Energy Sink - صفحه:1545-1554

  tick  Thermal Performance Of Jet Impingement With Spent Flow Management - صفحه:1599-1608

  tick  Variational Iteration Method For Free Vibration Analysis Of A Timoshenko Beam Under Various Boundary Conditions - صفحه:1565-1572

  tick  Wavelet Neural Network With Random Wavelet Function Parameters - صفحه:1510-1516

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