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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:11

  tick  A Modfied Self-Organizing Map Neural Network To Recognize Multi-Font Printed Persian Numerals - صفحه:1700-1706

  tick  A Novel Type-2 Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Classifier For Modelling Uncertainty In Prediction Of Air Pollution Disaster - صفحه:1746-1751

  tick  A Random Forest Classifier Based On Genetic Algorithm For Cardiovascular Diseases Diagnosis (Research Note) - صفحه:1723-1729

  tick  Behavioral Analysis Of Traffic Flow For An Effective Network Traffic Identification - صفحه:1740-1745

  tick  Comparison Of Permeability And Drying Shrinkage Of Self Compacting Concrete Admixed With Wollastonite Micro Fiber And Flyash - صفحه:1681-1690

  tick  Design And Performance Analysis Of 7-Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter Using Modified Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Techniques - صفحه:1762-1770

  tick  Drilling Trajectory Prediction Model For Push-The-Bit Rotary Steerable Bottom Hole Assembly - صفحه:1800-1806

  tick  Effect Of Coating Materials On Wear In Internal Gears - صفحه:1792-1799

  tick  Effect Of Tofu Wastewater Addition On The Growth And Carbohydrate-Protein-Lipid Content Of Spirulina Platensis - صفحه:1631-1638

  tick  Energy Aware Resource Management Of Cloud Data Centers - صفحه:1730-1739

  tick  Equilibrium And Kinetic Studies On Lead (Ii) Adsorption By Sugarcane Bagasse Derived Activated Carbon - صفحه:1647-1653

  tick  Experimental And Finite Element Studies On Free Vibration Of Automotive Steering Knuckle - صفحه:1776-1783

  tick  Hopping Conductivity In Single Crystals (Cd0.6zn0.32mn0.08)3as2 - صفحه:1771-1775

  tick  Ibuprofen Removal From A Pharmaceutical Wastewater Using Electro-Fenton Process: An Efficient Technique - صفحه:1639-1646

  tick  Impacts Of Premium Bounds On The Operation Of Put Option And Day-Ahead Electricity Markets - صفحه:1752-1761

  tick  Investigating The Seismic Response Of Structural Walls Using Nonlinear Static And Incremental Dynamic Analyses - صفحه:1691-1699

  tick  Kinetic Modeling Of Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Pretreated Sorghum Bicolor And Rice Husk - صفحه:1622-1630

  tick  Mining Interesting Aspects Of A Product Using Aspect-Based Opinion Mining From Product Reviews - صفحه:1707-1713

  tick  Modelling And Test Verification Of Suspension Optimal Damping Ratio For Electric Vehicles Considering Occupant-Cushion And In-Wheel Motor Effects - صفحه:1784-1791

  tick  Neural Network Based Protection Of Software Defined Network Controller Against Distributed Denial Of Service Attacks - صفحه:1714-1722

  tick  Numerical And Experimental Study Of Soil-Structure Interaction In Structures Resting On Loose Soil Using Laminar Shear Box - صفحه:1654-1663

  tick  Optimum Drill Bit Selection By Using Bit Images And Mathematical Investigation - صفحه:1807-1813

  tick  Stiffness-Based Approach For Preliminary Design Of Framed Tube Structures - صفحه:1664-1672

  tick  The Effect Of Geopolymerization On The Unconfined Compressive Strength Of Stabilized Fine-Grained Soils - صفحه:1673-1680

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