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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:12

  tick  An Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network Model For Bankruptcy Prediction Of Listed Companies On The Tehran Stock Exchange - صفحه:1879-1884

  tick  Cycle Time Reduction And Runtime Rebalancing By Reallocating Dependent Tasks - صفحه:1831-1839

  tick  Design And Development Of High Gain, Low Profile And Circularly Polarized Cavity-Backed Slot Antennas Using High-Order Modes Of Square Shaped Substrtae Integrated Waveguide Resonator - صفحه:1840-1847

  tick  Designing And Modeling A Control System For Aircraft In The Presence Of Wind Disturbance - صفحه:1856-1862

  tick  Detailed Scheduling Of Tree-Like Pipeline Networks With Multiple Refineries - صفحه:1870-1878

  tick  High Reynolds Viscous Flow Simulation Past The Elliptical Airfoil By Random Vortex Blob - صفحه:1903-1910

  tick  Modeling And Optimization Of Roll-Bonding Parameters For Bond Strength Of Ti/Cu/Ti Clad Composites By Artificial Neural Networks And Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:1885-1893

  tick  Optimum Design Of A Coir Fiber Biocomposite Tube Reinforced With Nano Silica And Nano Clay Powder - صفحه:1894-1902

  tick  Pareto-Based Multicriteria Evolutionary Algorithm For Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem With Sequence-Dependent Setup Times - صفحه:1863-1869

  tick  Providing An Analytical Model In Determining Nanofluids - صفحه:1919-1924

  tick  Relationship Between Pedestrians’ Speed, Density And Flow Rate Of Crossings Through Urban Intersections (Case Study: Rasht Metropolis) - صفحه:1814-1821

  tick  Stabilization Of Electrostatically Actuated Micro-Pipe Conveying Fluid Using Parametric Excitation - صفحه:1911-1918

  tick  Statistical Analysis Of The Railway Accidents Causes In Iran - صفحه:1822-1830

  tick  The Effect Of Material Properties On Sensitivity Of The Microelectromechanical Systems Piezoelectric Hydrophone - صفحه:1848-1855

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