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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:9

  tick  An Investigation On The Parameters Influencing The Pounding In Highway Bridges - صفحه:1298-1308

  tick  Base Level Evaluation In Buildings With Different Foundation Levels By Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction - صفحه:1288-1297

  tick  Buoyancy Term Evolution In The Multi Relaxation Time Model Of Lattice Boltzmann Method With Variable Thermal Conductivity Using A Modified Set Of Boundary Conditions - صفحه:1408-1416

  tick  Buying Group Design Considering The Member’S Interest - صفحه:1334-1341

  tick  Case Mix Planning Using The Technique For Order Of Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution And Robust Estimation: A Case Study - صفحه:1362-1371

  tick  Field Study And Evaluation Of Buckling Behavior Of Cylindrical Steel Tanks With Geometric Imperfections Under Uniform External Pressure - صفحه:1309-1318

  tick  Fuzzy-Rough Information Gain Ratio Approach To Filter-Wrapper Feature Selection - صفحه:1326-1333

  tick  Implementation Of D3q19 Lattice Boltzmann Method With A Curved Wall Boundary Condition For Simulation Of Practical Flow Problems - صفحه:1381-1390

  tick  Kinematic Synthesis Of Parallel Manipulator Via Neural Network Approach - صفحه:1319-1325

  tick  Oil Reservoirs Classification Using Fuzzy Clustering - صفحه:1391-1400

  tick  Parametric Study Of Movement Path In Two-Dimensional Wing Flow Separation: Experimental Investigation - صفحه:1401-1407

  tick  Pattern Recognition In Control Chart Using Neural Network Based On A New Statistical Feature - صفحه:1372-1380

  tick  Selecting Efficient Service-Providers In Electric Power Distribution Industry Using Combinatorial Reverse Auction - صفحه:1342-1351

  tick  Solving Critical Path Problem In Project Network By A New Enhanced Multi-Objective Optimization Of Simple Ratio Analysis Approach With Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets - صفحه:1352-1361

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