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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:3

  tick  A Dimensionless Parameter Approach Based On Singular Value Decomposition And Evolutionary Algorithm For Prediction Of Carbamazepine Particles Size - صفحه:330-337

  tick  A Game Theoretic Approach For Sustainable Power Systems Planning In Transition - صفحه:393-402

  tick  A Network Design Model For A Resilient Closed-Loop Supply Chain With Lateral Transshipment - صفحه:374-383

  tick  A Novel Interactive Possibilistic Mixed Integer Nonlinear Model For Cellular Manufacturing Problem Under Uncertainty - صفحه:384-392

  tick  A Novel Method For Implementing Of Time-Of-Use To Improve The Performance Of Electric Distribution Systems: A Case Study - صفحه:357-365

  tick  A Numerical Study On Aluminum Plate Response Under Low Velocity Impact - صفحه:439-447

  tick  A Planar, Layered Ultra-Wideband Metamaterial Absorber For Microwave Frequencies - صفحه:338-343

  tick  Addressing The Freight Consolidation And Containerization Problem By Recent And Hybridized Meta- Heuristic Algorithms - صفحه:403-410

  tick  Degradation Of Low Concentrations Of Formaldehyde In Sono Catalytic Ozonation Advanced Oxidation Processes Using Zero-Valent Iron - صفحه:366-373

  tick  Design And Simulation Of A Moving-Magnet-Type Linear Synchronous Motor For Electromagnetic Launch System - صفحه:351-356

  tick  Development Of Forward-Wave Directional Couplers Loaded By Periodic Shunt Shorted Stubs - صفحه:344-350

  tick  Effect Of Surface Morphologies On The Isothermal Oxidation Behavior Of Mcraly Coatings Fabricated By High-Velocity Oxyfuel Processes - صفحه:432-438

  tick  Fitting The Three-Parameter Weibull Distribution By Using Greedy Randomized Adaptive Search Procedure - صفحه:424-431

  tick  Mixed-Model Assembly Line Balancing With Reliability - صفحه:411-423

  tick  The Effect Of Damping And Stiffness Of Bearing On The Natural Frequencies Of Rotor-Bearing System - صفحه:448-455

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