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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2016 - دوره:29 - شماره:8

  tick  A Multi-Objective Mathematical Model For Sustainable Supplier Selection And Order Lot-Sizing Under Inflation - صفحه:1141-1150

  tick  A Multiband Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Antenna System For Long Term Evolution And Wireless Local Area Networks Handsets - صفحه:1087-1093

  tick  A Non-Linear Integer Bi-Level Programming Model For Competitive Facility Location Of Distribution Centers - صفحه:1131-1140

  tick  Adaptive Fuzzy Dynamic Sliding Mode Control Of Nonlinear Systems - صفحه:1075-1086

  tick  An Efficient Curvelet Framework For Denoising Images - صفحه:1094-1102

  tick  Compact And Efficient Active Vibro-Acoustic Control Of A Smart Plate Structure - صفحه:1068-1074

  tick  Designing Different Sampling Plans Based On Process Capability Index - صفحه:1120-1130

  tick  Development Of An Enhanced Gain Substrate Integrated Waveguide H-Plane Horn Antenna Using Thin Substarte - صفحه:1062-1067

  tick  Effect Of Different Turbine-Generator Shaft Models On The Sub-Synchronous Resonance Phenomenon In The Double Cage Induction Generator Based Wind Farm - صفحه:1103-1111

  tick  Experimental Study Of Heat Transfer Rate In A Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger With Air Bubble Injection - صفحه:1160-1166

  tick  Investigation Of Entropy Generation Through The Operation Of An Unlooped Pulsating Heat Pipe - صفحه:1151-1159

  tick  Kinetics Studies Impact Of Initial Ph And Addition Of Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae On Biogas Production From Tofu Wastewater In Indonesia - صفحه:1037-1046

  tick  New Low Cost Printed Antenna Cpw-Fed For Global Positioning System, Personal Communication System And Worldwide Interoperability For Microwave Access Band Applications - صفحه:1056-1061

  tick  Numerical Investigation On The Effect Of Mold Design On Shrinkage Of Sand Casted Multistage Bb3-6×6 Pump Casing - صفحه:1175-1182

  tick  Oscillation Control Of Aircraft Shock Absorber Subsystem Using Intelligent Active Performance And Optimized Classical Techniques Under Sine Wave Runway Excitation - صفحه:1167-1174

  tick  Production Of Single Cell Protein From Sugarcane Bagasse By Saccharomyces Cerevisiae In Tray Bioreactor - صفحه:1029-1036

  tick  Studies Of Drop Behavior And Prediction Of Sauter Mean Drop Diameter In Various Rotary Agitated Extraction Columns - صفحه:1047-1055

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