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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:2

  tick  A Novel Image Structural Similarity Index Considering Image Content Detectability Using Maximally Stable Extremal Region Descriptor - صفحه:172-181

  tick  A Strain Range Dependent Cyclic Plasticity Model - صفحه:321-329

  tick  A Time Dependent Pollution Routing Problem In Multi-Graph - صفحه:234-242

  tick  An Investigation On The Effects Of Gas Pressure Drop In Heat Exchangers On Dynamics Of A Free Piston Stirling Engine - صفحه:294-302

  tick  Comparative Analysis Of Image Denoising Methods Based On Wavelet Transform And Threshold Functions - صفحه:199-206

  tick  Constrained Model Predictive Control Of Low-Power Industrial Gas Turbine - صفحه:207-214

  tick  Critical Path Method For Lot Streaming Problem In Flexible Job Shop Environment - صفحه:261-269

  tick  Determining The Sample Size For Estimation Of The Ccc-R Control Chart Parameters Based On Estimation Costs - صفحه:253-260

  tick  Experimental Investigation On The Effect Of Partially Metal Foam Inside The Absorber Of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector - صفحه:281-287

  tick  Free Vibration Analysis Of Nonuniform Microbeams Based On Modified Couple Stress Theory: An Analytical Solution - صفحه:311-320

  tick  High Fuzzy Utility Based Frequent Patterns Mining Approach For Mobile Web Services Sequences - صفحه:182-191

  tick  Improvement Of Navigation Accuracy Using Tightly Coupled Kalman Filter - صفحه:215-223

  tick  Improving Linearity Of Cmos Variable-Gain Amplifier Using Third-Order Intermodulation Cancellation Mechanism And Intermodulation Distortion Sinking Techniques - صفحه:192-198

  tick  Mechanical Properties And Microstructural Evolution Of Ta/Tanx Double Layer Thin Films Deposited By Magnetron Sputtering - صفحه:288-293

  tick  Monitoring Financial Processes With Arma-Garch Model Based On Shewhart Control Chart (Case Study: Tehran Stock Exchange) - صفحه:270-280

  tick  Nanotechnology And Neuroscience Convergence: A Novel Tool For Neurotransmitters Monitoring - صفحه:152-161

  tick  Performance Evaluation Of Magnetorheological Damper Valve Configurations Using Finite Element Method - صفحه:303-310

  tick  Shear Capacity Of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slabs Made With High-Strength Concrete: A Numerical Study Of The Effect Of Size, Location, And Shape Of The Opening - صفحه:162-171

  tick  Solving A New Multi-Objective Unrelated Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem By Hybrid Teaching-Learning Based Optimization - صفحه:224-233

  tick  Unreliable Server M^X/G/1 Queue With Loss-Delay, Balking And Second Optional Service - صفحه:243-252

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