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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:1

  tick  Active Noise Cancellation Using Online Wavelet Based Control System: Numerical And Experimental Study - صفحه:120-126

  tick  Design And Implementation Of Field Programmable Gate Array Based Baseband Processor For Passive Radio Frequency Identification Tag - صفحه:127-133

  tick  Design Of A Reliable Facility Location Model For Health Service Networks - صفحه:75-84

  tick  Effects Of Partial Substitution Of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene With Granulated Blastfurnace Slag On The Strength Properties Of Porous Asphalt - صفحه:40-47

  tick  Enhanced Predictions Of Tides And Surges Through Data Assimilation - صفحه:23-29

  tick  Fabrication And Characterization Of Novel Mixed Matrix Polyethersulfone Based Nanofiltration Membrane Modified By Ilmenite - صفحه:7-14

  tick  Field Programmable Gate Array–Based Implementation Of An Improved Algorithm For Objects Distance Measurement - صفحه:57-65

  tick  Fingertip Radius Effect Of An On-Surface-Manipulated Object - صفحه:134-142

  tick  Fluoride Ions Removal Using Yttrium Alginate Biocomposite From An Aqueous Solution - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Free Vibration Analysis Of A Six-Degree-Of-Freedom Mass-Spring System Suitable For Dynamic Vibration Absorbing Of Space Frames - صفحه:30-39

  tick  Hot Corrosion Behavior Of Functional Graded Material Thermal Barrier Coating - صفحه:101-108

  tick  Maintenance And Work-Rest Scheduling In Human-Machine System According To Fatigue And Reliability - صفحه:85-92

  tick  Modeling Of Stiffening And Strengthening In Nano-Layered Silicate/Epoxy - صفحه:93-100

  tick  Parallel Implementation Of Particle Swarm Optimization Variants Using Graphics Processing Unit Platform - صفحه:48-56

  tick  Photochemical Degradation Of 2,4-Dichlorophenol In Aqueous Solutions By Fe^2+/Peroxydisulfate/ Uv Process - صفحه:15-22

  tick  Risk Analysis Of Operating Room Using The Fuzzy Bayesian Network Model - صفحه:66-74

  tick  Sliding Friction Contact Stiffness Model Of Involute Arc Cylindrical Gear Based On Fractal Theory - صفحه:109-119

  tick  Welding Properties Of Polymeric Nanocomposite Parts Containing Alumina Nanoparticles In Friction Stir Welding Process - صفحه:143-151

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