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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2016 - دوره:29 - شماره:10

  tick  A General Framework For 1-D Histogram-Baesd Image Contrast Enhancement - صفحه:1384-1391

  tick  A Hybrid Dynamic Programming For Inventory Routing Problem In Collaborative Reverse Supply Chains - صفحه:1412-1420

  tick  An Investigation On Stability, Electrical And Thermal Characteristics Of Transformer Insulting Oil Nanofluids - صفحه:1332-1340

  tick  Comparison Of Properties Of Ti/Tin/Ticn/Tialn Film Deposited By Cathodic Arc Physical Vapor And Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition On Custom 450 Steel Substrates - صفحه:1459-1468

  tick  Control Simulation And Experimental Verification Of Maximum Power Point Tracking Based On Rt-Lab - صفحه:1372-1379

  tick  Dynamic Modeling And Controller Design Of Distribution Static Compensator In A Microgrid Based On Combination Of Fuzzy Set And Galaxy-Based Search Algorithm - صفحه:1392-1400

  tick  Evaluation Of Ductile Damage Criteria In Warm And Hot Forming Processes - صفحه:1441-1449

  tick  Experimental Analysis Of Heat Transfer And Friction Factor In Plate Heat Exchanger With Different Orientations Using Al2o3 Nanofluids - صفحه:1450-1458

  tick  Identification Of Volatile Organic Compounds From Trichoderma Virens (6011) By Gc-Ms And Separation Of A Bioactive Compound Via Nanotechnology - صفحه:1347-1353

  tick  Investigation Of Generic House Components And Their Practical Ways To Be Assessed By House Buyers During Defect Liability Period In Malaysia - صفحه:1354-1363

  tick  Kinetics And Isotherm Studies Of The Immobilized Lipase On Chitosan Support - صفحه:1319-1331

  tick  New Analytic Method For Subgrade Settlement Calculation Of The New Cement Fly-Ash Grave Pile-Slab Structure - صفحه:1364-1371

  tick  Numerical Study Of Interaction Of Two Plane Parallel Jets - صفحه:1421-1430

  tick  On Numerical Investigation Of Non-Dimensional Constant Representing The Occurrence Of Secondary Peaks In The Nusselt Distribution Curves - صفحه:1431-1440

  tick  Radio Frequency-Micro Electromechanical System Switch With High Speed And Low Actuated Voltage - صفحه:1380-1383

  tick  Synthesis And Characterization Of Amine-Modified Mesoporous Santa Barbara Amorphous-15 For Carbon Dioxide Sequestration At High Pressure And Room Temperature - صفحه:1341-1346

  tick  The Reliable Hierarchical Location-Allocation Model Under Heterogeneous Probabilistic Disruptions - صفحه:1401-1411

  tick  Two-Fluid Electrokinetic Flow In A Circular Microchannel - صفحه:1469-1477

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