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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2016 - دوره:29 - شماره:2

  tick  Adsorptive Behavior Of An Amberlite Anion Exchanger Resin For Uranium (Vi) Sorption In The Presence Of Sulfate Anions - صفحه:170-175

  tick  Design And Implementation Of A Constant Frequency Sliding Mode Controller For A Luo Converter - صفحه:202-210

  tick  Effect Of Moisture Content On Shear Strength Of Offshore Clay Interface Steel Surface - صفحه:183-191

  tick  Effects Of Material And Geometrical Parameters On The Free Vibration Of Sandwich Beams - صفحه:222-228

  tick  Energy Delivery At Oil And Gas Wells Construction In Regions With Harsh Climate - صفحه:274-279

  tick  Evaluation Of Coal Waste Ash And Rice Husk Ash On Properties Of Pervious Concrete Pavement - صفحه:192-201

  tick  Experimental Study On The Factors Affecting Hexavalent Chromium Bioreduction By Bacillus Cereus - صفحه:152-159

  tick  Field Programmable Gate Array Implementation Of Active Control Laws For Multimode Vibration Damping - صفحه:229-235

  tick  Formic Acid And Microwave Assisted Extraction Of Curcumin From Turmeric (Curcuma Longa L.) - صفحه:145-151

  tick  Intake Manifold Flow Assessment Ona 3-Cylinder Natural Aspirated Downsized Engine Using Cfd And Gt-Suite - صفحه:255-263

  tick  Laminar Flame Speed Prediction In Lean Mixture Of Aluminum Dust Clouds By Considering The Effect Of Random Distribution Of Particles In Two-Dimension - صفحه:246-254

  tick  Mathematical Model And Vibration Analysis Of Aircraft With Active Landing Gear System Using Linear Quadratic Regulator Technique - صفحه:137-144

  tick  Minimization Of The Sheet Thinning In Hydraulic Deep Drawing Process Using Response Surface Methodology And Finite Element Method - صفحه:264-273

  tick  Numerical Modeling Of The Stepped Planing Hull In Calm Water - صفحه:236-245

  tick  Removal Of Strontium Ions By Synthetic Nano Sodalite Zeolite From Aqueous Solution - صفحه:160-169

  tick  Seismic Evaluation And Retrofit Of Gas Stations: Case Study - صفحه:176-182

  tick  Simultaneous Multi-Skilled Worker Assignment And Mixed-Model Two-Sided Assembly Line Balancing - صفحه:211-221

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