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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2015 - دوره:28 - شماره:3

  tick  A Continuum Model For Stone-Wales Defected Carbon Nanotubes - صفحه:433-439

  tick  A Continuum Shell-Beam Finite Element Modeling Of Buried Pipes With 90-Degree Elbow Subjected To Earthquake Excitations - صفحه:338-349

  tick  A Numerical Analysis For The Effect Of Slip Velocity And Stenosis Shape On Nonnewtonian Flow Of Blood - صفحه:440-446

  tick  Active Suspension System Control Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy (Anfis) Controller - صفحه:396-401

  tick  Application Of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach In Selection Cargo Terminals, A Case Study - صفحه:387-395

  tick  Discrete Multi Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Fpga Placement - صفحه:410-418

  tick  Effect Of Deflected Membrane Electrode Assembly On Species Distribution In Pemfc - صفحه:467-475

  tick  Effect Of Heat Recirculation In Biomass Flame Stability Within A Cylindrical Micro-Combustor - صفحه:454-459

  tick  Experimental Analysis Of Effects Of Ultrasonic Welding On Weld Strength Of Polypropylene Composite Samples - صفحه:447-453

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of The Effect Of Splitter Plate Angle On The Under-Scouring Of Submarine Pipeline Due To Steady Current And Clear Water Condition - صفحه:368-377

  tick  Free Vibration Analysis Of A Sloping-Frame: Closed-Form Solution Versus Finite Element Solution And Modification Of The Characteristic Matrices - صفحه:378-386

  tick  Fuzzy Approximation Model-Based Robust Controller Design For Speed Control Of Bldc Motor - صفحه:426-432

  tick  Investigation Of Thermo-Hydraulic Performance Of Circular Tube Fitted With Centercleared Twisted Tape Using Cfd Modeling - صفحه:476-482

  tick  Low Settling Time All Digital Dll For Vhf Application - صفحه:419-425

  tick  Optimal Placement And Sizing Of Fault Current Limiter In A Real Network: A Case Study - صفحه:402-409

  tick  Predicting Shear Stress Distribution In Rectangular Channels Using Entropy Concept - صفحه:360-367

  tick  Study Of Degradation Of Dry Cooling Tower Performance Under Wind Conditions And Method For Tower Efficiency Enhancement - صفحه:460-466

  tick  The Research On The Biggest Borehole Curvature That Allowed Through For The Rotating Casing - صفحه:483-489

  tick  Ultimate Unbonded Tendon Stress In Cfrp Strengthened Post-Tensioned Indeterminate I-Beams Cast With Hscs - صفحه:350-359

  tick  Ultrasonic And Microwave Pretreatment For Hydrothermal Synthesis Of Nanosized Sapo-34s And Their Catalytic Performance In Mto Reaction - صفحه:330-337

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