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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2015 - دوره:28 - شماره:12

  tick  A Common Weight Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis-Data Envelopment Analysis Approach With Assurance Region For Weight Derivation From Pairwise Comparison Matrices - صفحه:1746-1755

  tick  A Geometric View Of Similarity Measures In Data Mining - صفحه:1728-1737

  tick  A New Trans-Admittance-Mode Biquad Filter Suitable For Low Voltage Operation - صفحه:1738-1745

  tick  A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach To Joint Location And Scheduling Decisions In A Flexible Job Shop Environment - صفحه:1756-1764

  tick  A Reliability Based Modelling And Optimization Of An Integrated Production And Preventive Maintenance Activities In Flowshop Scheduling Problem - صفحه:1774-1781

  tick  An Investigation On Two Types Of Crystalline Micro-Diamond Film Coated Tools Lapping With Sapphire Wafer - صفحه:1790-1795

  tick  Bilateral Teleoperation Systems Using Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm Based Iterative Learning Control - صفحه:1765-1773

  tick  Evaluation Of Column-Tree Moment Resisting Connection With End Plates And Haunched Beam - صفحه:1702-1710

  tick  Experimental And Theoretical Study Of Thompson Seedless Grapes Drying Using Solar Evacuated Tube Collector With Force Convection Method - صفحه:1796-1801

  tick  Health Monitoring Of Welded Steel Pipes By Vibration Analysis - صفحه:1782-1789

  tick  Hydrodynamic Studies Of Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactors To Produce Carbon Nano Tubes Via Catalytic Decomposition Over Co/Pd Mgo - صفحه:1693-1701

  tick  Investigation Of The Effects Of Non-Linear And Non-Homogeneous Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Equations On Temperature Distribution In A Semi-Infinite Body - صفحه:1802-1807

  tick  People Re-Identification In Non-Overlapping Field-Of-Views Using Cumulative Brightness Transform Function And Body Segments In Different Color Spaces - صفحه:1711-1719

  tick  Singular Value Decomposition Based Steganography Technique For Jpeg2000 Compressed Images - صفحه:1720-1727

  tick  Vibration Analysis Of Circular Magneto-Electro-Elastic Nano-Plates Based On Eringen’S Nonlocal Theory - صفحه:1808-1817

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