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   Modelling New Success Criteria For Projects in the Ict Industry  
نویسنده Udechukwu Ojiako G. ,Greenwood David J. ,Eric Johansen D.
منبع Journal Of Information And Communication Technology - 2005 - دوره : 4 - - کد همایش: - صفحه:17 -36
چکیده    With spending for computer and networking hardware, software and services projected to exceed a trillion pounds by 2005, the potential for greate r involvement of lct in the creation of organisation wealth could be hampered by an extremely high rate of project failures in lct industry projects. the poor performance of the lct industry in deploying its products has been demonstrated in numerous press reports. this paper reviews general knowledge on ict project failure and proposes a hypothesis, the hypothesis states that the high rate ofreported failures oflctindustry has been caused by the industry continuing to measure its success and failure rates based on in-appropriate criteria which fails to consider the industry's peculiar characteristics and the impact of lct on organisational strateg y. a model that demonstrates this definition is developed from available literature,
کلیدواژه Success Criteria ,Lct Projects ,Failure
آدرس British Telecom, Uk, Northumbria University, School Of The Built Environment, Uk, Northumbria University, School Of The Built Environment, Uk
پست الکترونیکی eric.johansen@unn.ac.uk

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