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   بررسی وضعیّت تولید علم در حوزه مدیریّت تغییر در پایگاه های استنادی Thomson Reuters  
نویسنده مروتی مرضیه ,حیاتی زهیر
منبع پژوهش نامه مديريت تحول - 1391 - دوره : 4 - شماره : 8 - صفحه:92 -106
چکیده    This study was carried out to evaluate scientific production in the area of change management with the aims of reflecting knowledge growth, highlight the weaknesses and strengths of the databases, and to assist researchers to manage and plan their future work in their fields of interest. This is a survey study and its subjects of study were all titles indexed in Thomson Reuter’s databases in this area from 1990 to 2009. Findings showed that 2530 documents have been indexed during this period. Most documents have been published between 2006 and 2010. The annual growth rate for publications is 78.80 percent. Findings also show that 6,105 authors have been involved in the production of this number of titles among them S. Lee is at the top and Penamora, Hicks, Towill were at the second and third places. These documents have been produced by 80 countries among them U.S. and England were at the first and second places. 1173 journals published this amount of documents among them “Journal of Organizational Change Management” occupied the first rank. These documents have been published in 11 different languages of which English was the prominent language. They have been published in 12 different formats, of which article was the prominent one. This number of documents has received 20,778 citations, totally. The article titled Tightening the iron cage – concertive control in self-managing Teams” received 401 citations, placing it at the top of the list.
کلیدواژه علم سنجی ,تولید علم ,مدیریت تغییر ,پایگاه های استنادیThomson Reuters
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