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   International Journal Of Industrial Mathematics   
سال:2016 - دوره:8 - شماره:3

  tick  A Multi-Supplier Inventory Model With Permissible Delay In Payment And Discount - صفحه:255-268

  tick  A New Algorithm For Solving Van Der Pol Equation Based On Piecewise Spectral Adomian Decomposition Method - صفحه:177-184

  tick  A New Iterative With Memory Class For Solving Nonlinear Equations - صفحه:225-229

  tick  A New Network Simplex Algorithm To Reduce Consecutive Degenerate Pivots And Prevent Stalling - صفحه:209-214

  tick  A Study On Intuitionistic Fuzzy And Normal Fuzzy M-Subgroup, M-Homomorphism And Isomorphism - صفحه:185-188

  tick  Bernoulli Operational Matrix Method For System Of Linear Volterra Integral Equations - صفحه:201-207

  tick  Determining Malmquist Productivity Index In Dea And Dea-R Based On Value Efficiency - صفحه:241-254

  tick  Estimation Of Portfolio Efficient Frontier By Different Measures Of Risk Via Dea - صفحه:189-200

  tick  Flexibility Of Variations In Radial And Non-Radial Data Envelopment Analysis Models - صفحه:269-278

  tick  Generalized H-Differentiability For Solving Second Order Linear Fuzzy Differential Equations - صفحه:279-287

  tick  Numerical Solution Of Fractional Control System By Haar-Wavelet Operational Matrix Method - صفحه:289-298

  tick  Set A Bi-Objective Redundancy Allocation Model To Optimize The Reliability And Cost Of The Series-Parallel Systems Using Nsga Ii Problem - صفحه:171-176

  tick  Solving Robot Selection Problem By A New Interval-Valued Hesitant Fuzzy Multi-Attributes Group Decision Method - صفحه:231-240

  tick  The Spectral Iterative Method For Solving Fractional-Order Logistic Equation - صفحه:215-223

  tick  Two-Phase Boundary Layer Flow, Heat And Mass Transfer Of A Dusty Liquid Past A Stretching Sheet With Thermal Radiation - صفحه:265-278

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