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   Model in Order To Make Effective Decisions in Selecting Advertising Media By Goal Programming(Gp)  
نویسنده Rahmani Nikooie Morteza ,Asgari Bshkany Zahra
منبع Journal Of System Management - 2014 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:15 -28
چکیده    In recent years according to the growing companies andproducts supplied, and competition between them has intensified. productsand diversity, one of the main concerns of commercial institutions.therefore, selecting the media to introduce and is important therelationship between customers’ products. given the multiplicity of mediain promoting and marketing the products, they are the optimalchoice and allocation of funds to each of their hard work and decisionshas difficult in this field. the main objective of this study provide amodel for allocating advertising budgets of a variety of media includingtelevision, newspapers, radio and organizational approach is to reducespending. the model by goal linear programming, with respect to thethree ideals is provided, so that the ideal first indication of a total of 15ads in tv media, cause the 4 ads in newspaper pages (located on thefront page) and finally cause the third 30 advertising radio is consideredthus, the efficiency of the model of data a manufacturing company areused in the field of ceramic tiles. finally model has been implementedby operational research software lingo 11. the results of this studyindicate that it is the realization of the goals of the first and second and third goals, 4 deviation of less than the limits defined and the model isto be realized.
کلیدواژه Select Media ,Budget Allocation ,Propaganda ,Marketing ,Goal Linear Programming (Gp)
آدرس Department Of Management, College Of Human Science, Yazd Science And Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yazd, Iran, ایران, University Of Tehran, ایران

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