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   Journal Of System Management   
سال:2021 - دوره:7 - شماره:3

  tick  Application Of Adaptive Neuro-Based Fuzzy Inference System To Evaluate The Resilience Of E-Learning In Education Systems, During The Covid-19 Pandemic - صفحه:1-34

  tick  Design And Fitting Of E-Commerce Implementation Model In Knowledge-Based Companies Active In The Field Of Information And Communication Technology - صفحه:185-211

  tick  Designing A Customer Experience Management Model In The Field Of Car Relief Services (The Mixed Methods Research) - صفحه:241-262

  tick  Designing A Marketing Pattern For Retailers Of Consumer Goods On Fast Moving Consumer Goods And Its Effect On Consumer Behavior - صفحه:333-352

  tick  Designing A Strategic Model For InternationalMarketing Of Iranian Handmade Carpets - صفحه:111-141

  tick  Designing A Strategic Model For Pricing Industrial Products With An Approach Activity-Based Costing Based On The Data Theorizing Method Of The Foundation - صفحه:35-52

  tick  Designing The Evaluation Model For Sustainable Technology In The Textile Industry - صفحه:143-161

  tick  Determining And Modeling The Factors Affecting The Promotion Of Customer Satisfaction Of Electricity Distribution Companies - صفحه:163-183

  tick  Identifying Indicators And Components Of Knowledge Capital And Human Resource Strategies In The Iranian Higher Education System - صفحه:263-281

  tick  Illustration Of The Position Of Knowledge-Based Management In Iranian Organizations - صفحه:89-110

  tick  Predicting Banks' Financial Distress By Data Envelopment Analysis Model And Camels Indicators - صفحه:213-240

  tick  Presenting A Gray Marketing Model Using The Role Of Influencers In Social Media - صفحه:67-88

  tick  Prioritizing The Dimensions, Components And Indicators Of The Intellectual Capital Model In State Banks With The Competency Approach Of Managers - صفحه:53-65

  tick  Special Conditions Designing A Development Model For Optimizing The Production Of Gasoline Products In The Oil Refinery In Spring And Summer - صفحه:283-309

  tick  Validation Of The Pattern Of Brand Marketing Efforts On Social Media With Customers In The Dermato-Cosmetic Industry - صفحه:311-331

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