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   Requirements Engineering Model In Designing Complex Systems  
نویسنده Zivari Khorsand Farhad ,Noorossana Rassoul ,Gheidar Kheljani Jafar
منبع Journal Of System Management - 2017 - دوره : 3 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:17 -37
چکیده    This research tends to development of the requirements elicitation methodology with regard to operational nature and hierarchical analysis for complex systems and also, regarding available technologies. this methodology applies analytic hierarchy process (ahp) and analytic network process (anp) to ensure traceability of planned qualitative and quantitative data from requirements to available technologies in hierarchical model. studies show that about 22% of project failures in complex systems relate to incomplete requirements and variation in requirements. this methodology tends to increase knowledge and decrease uncertainties through leading design team in a structured process. based on previous methods, a new methodology developed to remove the above-said complexity or challenges, performing to hierarchically decrease requirements i.e expectations of the stakeholders, i.e accessible technologies in developing system. a category of requirements is created to classify the information gathered during the problem definition. this research applies to aerial systems as systems with high complexity for methodology validation.
کلیدواژه Requirements Elicitation ,Available Technologies ,Hierarchical Analysis ,Decision Making
آدرس University Of Applied Science And Technology, Iran, Iran University Of Science And Technology, Iran, Malek Ashtar University Of Technology, Iran

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