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   Journal Of System Management   
سال:2020 - دوره:6 - شماره:1

  tick  A System Dynamics Approach To Designing Technological Innovation Management Model In Downstream Petrochemical Industries - صفحه:113-148

  tick  A Systematic Review Of Banking Business Models With An Approach To Sustainable Development - صفحه:1-18

  tick  Designing A Comprehensive Human Resources Model Based On Iso34000 Standard - صفحه:177-186

  tick  Designing And Explaining The Impact Pattern Of Online Advertising On Actual Purchasing (Case Study: Atieh Saba Holding) - صفحه:113-130

  tick  Designing And Identifying The Variables Of The Pricing Model For The Company’S Brand Value In Merger And Acquisition Strategies - صفحه:149-162

  tick  Designing The Attitude Toward Advertising Model Through Mobile Social Networks - صفحه:79-98

  tick  Designing The Model Of Factors Affecting The Customer Based Brand Equity On Brand Performance In The Cosmetics Market - صفحه:53-64

  tick  Designing, Evaluating And Prioritizing Sepah Bank'S Marketing Strategies In The Banking Industry - صفحه:65-78

  tick  Identification And Prioritization Of Effective Organizational Structure Components (Case Study Of Regional Electric Companies Of Iran) - صفحه:163-176

  tick  Independent Organization Model Based On Managers' Economic And Organizational Policies - صفحه:219-230

  tick  It - Business Strategic Alignment And Organizational Agility: The Moderating Role Of Environmental Uncertainty - صفحه:35-52

  tick  Marketing Strategy Evaluation By Integrating Dynamic Systems Modeling And Network Data Envelopment Analysis - صفحه:19-34

  tick  Optimal Strategies Of Increasing Business Alignment, In Social Security Organization, With Quality Function Deployment (Qfd) Approach - صفحه:199-218

  tick  Presenting An Entrepreneurial Brand Building Model To Knowledge-Based Firms - صفحه:99-112

  tick  The Role Of Multisensory Environmental Stimuli In Enhancing Hyper Customers In Store Experience - صفحه:187-198

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