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   Sensitivity Enhancement of Fiber Optic Diesel Adulteration Detection Sensor Using Stripped Clad S-Bend Section  
نویسنده Patil Supriya S Supriya S ,Shaligram A.D A.D
منبع international journal of optics and photonics - 2011 - دوره : 5 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:103 -110
چکیده    A novel geometry for enhancing thesensitivity of intensity modulated refractometricfiber optic sensor for detection of adulterationlevel in diesel by kerosene is proposed. In thismultimode plastic optical fiber is uncladded forspecific length and bent into S shape. Thisgeometry is simulated and analyzed using BeamPropagation Method in Beam prop RSOFTsoftware. When sensor is immersed in the dieselthen diesel acts as a cladding for uncladded Sshape portion of optical fiber. As diesel isadulterated by different volumes of kerosene,refractive index of cladding changes which inturn affects the output intensity of the sensor.The investigation revealed that when suchstructure of sensor is used to detect theadulteration level in diesel then sensitivity getsimproved 4 times for two fold increase in bendcurvature of fiber. Thus it is highly sensitivemechanism to determine on line adulteration ofdiesel and also can be used for otherapplications.
کلیدواژه Fiber optic sensors ,Diesel adulteration level detector ,S-bend fiber optic sensor ,Sensitivity improvement ,enhancing performance parameters ,Stripped clad fiber
آدرس Abasaheb Garware College, Pune Maharashtra. India, اطلاعاتی از وابستگی سازمانی در دست نمی باشد , هند, University of Pune,Maharashtra, India, اطلاعاتی از وابستگی سازمانی در دست نمی باشد , هند

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