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   laser micro-raman spectroscopy of cvd nanocrystalline diamond thin film  
نویسنده motahari hamid ,malekfar rasoul
منبع international journal of optics and photonics - 2019 - دوره : 13 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:3 -11
چکیده    laser micro-raman spectroscopy is an ideal tool for assessment and characterization of various types of carbon-based materials. due to its special optical properties (crn) coated stainless steel substrates. ncd films have been investigated by laser micro-raman spectroscopy. the fingerprint of diamond based materials is in the spectral region of 1000-1600 cm-1 in the first order of raman scattering spectrum. by using of gaussian peak fitting, characteristic peaks in the micro-raman spectrum of ncd films including diamond peak (d), ncd features, a vibrational density of states (vdos) in the ultra-nanocrystalline diamond (uncd) clusters, graphitic (g) band and disordered (d) band can be assigned. these peaks and bands can be broadened, shifted in the spectral region or may be eliminated from the spectra due to ncd films grain sizes, synthesis conditions and other surface effects on the crystals. the increasing grain sizes to about 100 nm and faceted grains as the most important parameters can promote the diamond raman signal, eliminate the vdos, uncd and even ncd features in the raman spectrum.
کلیدواژه fesem ,hfcvd ,micro-raman ,ncd film ,crn coated steel
آدرس tarbiat modares university, department of physics, iran, tarbiat modares university, department of physics, iran
پست الکترونیکی malekfar@modares.ac.ir

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